Monday, July 10, 2006

Halle's doing the Tina Turner!

Wassup, Y'all!

Man! Add Eric Benet in there with Ike 'You hear me, Anne Mae?' Turner as the latest knucklehead to send a hot southside shorty over the wall to find love. Now we can't say Halle didn't try fellas, Wesley Snipes (the rumored ear drum rupturer), David Justice, Eric 'Freak Party' Benet and now over the wall into the waiting arms of Versace model Gabriel Aubry. *sigh*...

From the 'Take the Good With The Bad files' word has reached the basement that stone hottie Stacy Dash has finally found her way to the Playboy Mansion. Sadly, Brandy's old girl Countess Vaughn took a more ghetto turn by being the first southside shorty I've heard of who needed a booty implant (and then trying to drop it like it's hot - which could end up leaving a four mile crater...). And speaking of Brandy - who kicked her name out as a potential Star Jones replacement on The View? Old girls fallen a looooong way since those M-to tha, O-to tha Moesha days (for that matter so has Countess even though old Tyrone did catch a few laughs from The Parkers).



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