Monday, July 03, 2006

Free At Last, Free At Last!

Wassup, Y'all!

With all due apologies to brother Martin, word has hit the hip-hop wire that the Queen Bee is free. I guess now would be a good time for BET to finally get that whack L'il Kim reality show 'Countdown to Lockdown' out of its tired rotation and start that new L'il Kim reality series 'Countdown to Parole Violation'...

Okay, I'll admit that old girl did get out about 3 bricks early on good behavior from her one year and a day perjury sentence but it didn't take her long to step back into her Queen Bee lifestyle since the Rolls was waiting on her at the curb when she stepped out of lockup for (presumably) the last time at 6am. That will also (presumably) be the last time you'll see old girl up at 6am cuz you know hip-hoppers don't play that 'early to bed, early to rise' ruckus. When it comes to staying out of trouble, that makes waaaaay too much sense...

Anyway - kudos Queen Bee for doing your bid and paying your debt - enjoy your first day of freedom, homegirl. You know how we southsiders like to keep it real. Old Ty hears that just like in Boyz 'N The Hood when Doughboy's mama threw him a little 'Welcome home from the Joint' BBQ in the backyard with all the southside family reunion culinary favorites - L'il Kim's peeps are doing the same as its reported that she's heading straight to her North Jersey home to enjoy a feast of barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, and salmon pasta salad. Hold up! 'Salmon Pasta Salad'?? Looks like Queen Bee went all sadiddy while she was in lock up cuz y'all know, we don't do any damn Salmon Pasta Salad unless it has catfish and hot sauce in it. Maybe old girl did get rehabilitated...nahhhhh.

At any rate, I for one will be looking forward to LK's new red carpet shenanigans at upcoming award shows (which I'm sure will receive peerless coverage by my homegirl Maria on TheRunwayScoop) . I know BET is CRYING because she didn't get out in time to hit the 2006 BET Awards! Maybe if they invested more than twenty-five cents in their production studio equipment, they could have digitally spliced her into the show and put her in future promos (which would air 12 times every 30 minutes on 106 and Park commercial breaks...)

P.S.: If y'all are tired of new windows popping up each time you hit a link, blame 'Tini Mack cuz he was doing some TALL crying about the difficulty he had in clicking the 'back' button to come back to the posting each time he hit a link. I'm assuming that activity is a bit more stressful than using that same index finger to hit the exit button on each new window to get back to the post. I'm not hatin', 'Tini, I'm just statin'... :-)


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