Monday, September 25, 2006

Northsiders Quickly Joinin' the 'Partay'

Wassup, Y'all!

I know it's a far drop from a glossy of Aishwarya Rai down to a glossy of 'The People's Champ' - Paul Wall, but I got caught by my Rule of Three and was compelled to post my thoughts on how it seems that the southside hip hop culture continues to seep into all corners of the northside world. Exhibit A is our boy Paul Wall. Now this cat is so down that no only is he grilled out and married to a southside shorty, but if you hear him rappin' on the radio, you'd bet the mortgage that ol boy was straight out of Compton (vs. straight out the trailer like Kid Rock...)...

Regular Malone Zone readers will recollect that my 'Rule of Three' means that if I see or hear material on the same topic three times it's automatic post material. In this case I observed this phenomenon 1) at the Jet nightclub in Vegas, 2) on the radio (Paul Wall's 'Oh Girl') and 3) on the 'Net with a couple videos that straight cracked my a$$ up.

Now I remember the old days when whack a$$ Vanilla Ice was cribbin' MC Hammer's mojo just like the Osmond brothers cribbed the Jackson 5's mojo. Even though 'Nilla gave rise to the equally whack Kevin 'K-Fed' Federline (aka that guy Britney Spears is married to who also happened to be previously attached to southside shorty Shar Jackson who's his baby's mama twice over...) other northside homeys (P-Wall, Eminem, Bubba Sparxxx, etc.) have stepped their game up and integrated themselves so tightly into the southside culture that if they got pulled over by the LAPD on Lacieniga Blvd in Cali they'd be on the business end of a taser beatdown just like Rodney King.

When I fell through the nightclub Jet at the Mirage in Vegas, despite the advertisments that made it look like a southside hangout, the demographic in the club was 98% northside but they were thumpin' the old school/new school hip-hop mix and they were lovin' it y'all. L-O-V-I-N' it.

Just last night I was cracking up to two online videos. The first is part of an ad campaign by the alcohol distributor Smirnoff where they're pimpin' (literally) their new iced tea called Smirnoff Raw Tea. They're advertising how 'Its straight up natural tea flava blends nicely with a triple filtered premium malt beverage for an incredibly smooth and refreshing taste'. Now like y'all, I'm thinking Malt liquer, Billy D. Williams, Colt 45 - you know. But Smirnoff flipped the script and is proppin' their new beverage with a northside crew of Prepstas (as in preppy gangstas) in their own music video titled 'Tea Partay''.

Then next thing you know I'm over at EURweb checking out how Weird Al Yankovic has dropped his latest which is a crib on Paul Wall's former partner Chamillionaire's phat track 'Ridin'. The hook to that joint is 'ridin' dirty' and Al Yank put his northside twist on it and mashed up the track 'White and Nerdy'. It's another in a long line of parodies that include Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' (aka 'Eat It') and Coolio's tight 'Gangster Paradise' (aka 'Amish Paradise').

Just more fuel to the fire, y'all. The way I see it it's all good cuz there ain't no party like a southside party cuz a southside party don't stop...unless the LA Po-Po is trailin' your hoopty on Lacienega...



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