Saturday, September 30, 2006

Samuel L. going from Snakes to Nymphos

Wassup, Y'all!

I was all set to post on Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder pulling a Dave Chappelle like no-show when his deadline to return to his daily comic strip passed but I snoozed and lost on that as Karu Daniels over at Black Voices not only jumped on it first, but he added insult to injury by stealing *my* Chappelle angle as well! Karu - man, stop cribbing my notes, homey!

No matter, y'all. My well runs deep so instead I decided to post on that ongoing phenomenon of Samuel L. Jackson never passing on any script that passes his face. Y'all may remember back in May of last year, ol Ty began chirping about about Craig Brewer's film "Hustle and Flow" and the fact that he was working another joint called Black Snake Moan (which I mentioned mainly because I loved that title). Well it appears the Black Snake trailer is now hitting the theaters attached to Samuel L.'s Snakes On A Plane joint so there's no better time to get into the subject matter of Black Snake which involves a southside bluesman (Samuel L.) who's trying to cure a northside nymphomaniac (Christina Ricci). Y'all *know* I'm front row, center with my popcorn when *this* joint hits the screens in February...

Now this joint has Ku Klux Klan rally written all over it. Not to mention boycotts from feminists and other southside actors who can't get any scripts because they all keep disappearing into the black hole known as the Samuel L. Jackson residence. Now IMDB puts the plot mildly by dropping the following:

"A God-fearing bluesman (Jackson) takes to a wild young woman (Ricci) who, as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, looks everywhere for love, never quite finding it."

That's some old boring BS right there - like deciding to paint your bedroom 'almond' or 'beige' or what not. I prefer ropeofsilicon's more provocative plot summary.

"Centers on a white nymphomaniac (Ricci) who must be cured of her disorder by an older black bluesman (Jackson). The title take its name from the Blind Lemon Jefferson song recorded in 1927."

Now that summary will make you sit up and say WTF!? Man - that's a joint I gots to see. It's provocative *and* educational since I was thinking the title had less to do with Blind Lemon Jefferson and more to do with the mythological Alabama Black Snake (yes - I know I'm triflin' and of poor taste, y'all. No need to rub it in...). Unfortunately, I've been unable to track down the trailer online yet (if y'all see one - holler back!). The official website is running a contest for folks to come up with their own trailer for it.... Sounds a little low budget and film schoolish to me, but it's not like Hustle and Flow was a $120 million epic. Anyway, here are a few glossys from the production and a glossy of the actors gettin' their character on.

I expect this joint will get the same level of Internet buzz prior to opening that Snakes did, but hopefully the box office tally for it will be much better (I expect so since Snakes didn't mention the first thing about nymphos and we all know how sex sells). Should be interesting, y'all.

Like I said back in May of last year - I'm *still* looking for my 'Black Snake Moan' T-shirt! That's gonna be a hot seller...



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