Friday, September 15, 2006

Yo, Where's Ty?

Wassup, Y'all!

My fault for the spotty posting recently! I'm doing the vacation thing and thought I might be able to squeeze in some posting while out in the world, but ol Ty's having a little bit too much fun. Y'all know I *have* to comment on that crazy Survivor: Cook Islands ruckus and I will do so when I get back to the basement (could be earlier if I can find a way to hook up a Red Bull IV in my arm...). I'm checking how one of the homeboys from the southside camp got the boot! I'm also checking how CBS and Survivor copped my southside (black), northside (white), eastside (Asian) and westside (Hispanic) demographic breakdown. It's possible my royalty check is waiting for me back in my mailbox in Chi-town but I'm dubious. More on all that when I hit home on Monday, y'all...



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