Wednesday, April 16, 2008

T Joyner & T Smiley make up to break up

Wassup, Y'all!

No it's not quite like Ashford and Simpson callin it quits or even Vivica and 50 Cent, still it caught ol Ty by surprise to see two of the biggest New Jack southside community activists - Tom Joyner (TJ) and Tavis Smiley (T-Smile)- call it a day on their nearly 12 year partnership (that's TJ in the middle and T-Smile on the right, y'all during happier dayz). Tito - a tissue please...

This comes in the wake of what I've affectionately dubbed 'Black State-Gate'. For those just wakin' up after two months with a slice of pizza stuck to your face, BS-Gate refers to T-Smile callin' out Smooth Barack for havin' the nerve to continue campaigning in Texas and Ohio and not attending his annual State of The Black Union Conference for the second consecutive year.

T-Smile tried to act all indignant - not being used to the southside spotlight being shined so widely and brightly anywhere else but on his rusty butt. After about a minute of blusterin' and frontin', southsiders everywhere put T-Smile on full blast by venting their anger at him for puttin' his own ego and ambition in front of Smooth's who's callin' is on just a little bigger scale.

Apparently, tho the blast eventually got turned down from 10 to 5, it never really got turned off and T-Smile would continue to get the business from Tom Joyner Morning Show listeners during his twice weekly addresses. I have to admit that I'm normally sleepin when the TJMS is on (mama be playin' that Al Green at all hours of the night, y'all) but what I do know about the show is that folks aren't scurred to throw out their opinions.

When T-Smile delivered the news that he planned to jet, TJ broke down his thoughts on it thusly:

"He called me yesterday and said, 'I quit,'" Joyner said. Joyner said Smiley told him he was working on too many projects, but believed the real reason was that "he can't take the hate. "He can't take the hate he's taken over Barack Obama. He's always busting Barack Obama's chops. They call. They e-mail. They joke. You know Tavis like I do. He needs to feel loved"...

Dang, Tito - I'm a need a couple tissues here, man. Hook me up. Of course, T-Smile respun this whole thing in his official announcement on the show yesterday. I was just returning home from "assignment" so I missed it, but you can catch the audio over on Mo'Kelly's spot if you just don't think you can read through your tears like me. Boo hoo.

T-Smile, like the smooth alley cat he is, will land on his feet so don't cry for him too much Argentina - the truth is he'll never leave us. He's a good guy, doin' good works who just needs to check himself from time to time. I'm sure he'll end up on the Steve Harvey Morning Show at some point. Nephew Tommy can always use a Cousin Tavis.



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