Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Will Smith's Hancock - Trash or Treasure?

Wassup, Y'all!

I haven't been to the movies in the longest time. I've seen plenty of movies over the last couple months, but ol Ty hasn't actually parked his behind in a theater with Twizzlers, popcorn and a Diet Coke for a few. The big buzz movies have been few and far between and now that my neighbors, the Jeffersons, upgraded to a big screen plasma and Blu-Ray, I've been just fine watchin' their set up from the basement with my binoculars and mama's grilled cheese sandwiches.

Now, for me to actually drop some ducats, a movie has to be tailor made for the big screen - like Iron Man, which is comin' up May 2nd. It's got all the ingredients - superhero, explosions and mayhem - that will have me duckin' into a theater. A couple months after Iron Man drops, we hit the prime time summer movie season which features a few potential blockbusters. Of course when you mention summer blockbuster, the name Will Smith always pops up and, as expected, Big Willie has a movie slotted for July 4th called Hancock, an action-comedy where Big Willy plays a homeless, down on his luck superhero, but strangely the buzz on the Hancock trailer has been a mixed bag...

An email hit my inbox the other day titled, 'Rant: Will Smith's Hancock Teaser Trailer'. 'Rant' is normally code for 'Whack as a Jerhi Curl' and the accompanying trailer review was the editorial equivalent of throwin' hot grits on the brother. The writer, Thurston Howell III Alex Billington from dubbed it, '...completely cheesy' and '...the stupidest thing I've seen all year'. Ouch. He went on to slam the special effects, calling into question the quality of the CGI which was a similar complaint with Big Willie's last flick, 'I Am Legend'

So I decided to watch the trailer prepared for a hot mess and I ended up liking that joint. The key here is that it's a comedy hence I'd expect the vibe and the special effects to reflect that. I'm thinkin' that A-Bill just has his panties in a bunch but I could be wrong. The original trailer review referenced by A-Bill's rant called it the same way I did so I'll leave it up to y'all. Peep the trailer and holler back to let me know if you think Big Willie has another summer blockbuster on his hands or whether he needs to be out of the country when Hancock opens in 12 million theaters on the 4th of July.



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