Monday, November 10, 2008

Camelot Gives Way to Mixalot

Wassup, Y'all!

There have been a lot of comparisons between Smooth Barack and John Kennedy flyin' around based on their youth coming into office, the torch passin' to a new generation, being fathers to young children movin' into the White House,  a well dressed, pearl wearin' wife and the list goes on. All my homeys are already talkin' about finally takin' down Kennedy's picture (you know the one that's always hangin' next to the picture of Jesus) and now going with the trio of MLK, Smooth Barack and Jesus. And as the Kennedy picture finally gives way to Smooth Barack, ol Ty is thinkin' that Camelot - the term used to describe the Kennedy years in office - will now give way to the more appropriate term Mixalot for the Smooth years....

Now I don't want any comments about the source of the term 'Mixalot' - far as I know, Anthony 'Sir Mixalot' Ray didn't trademark the term so ol Ty is co-opting it since it conveys just the theme I'm lookin' for the rep the Smooth Administration - inclusive, diverse, and poppin' with a little flava (gotta like the notion of the tired White House bowling alley givin' way to an indoor basketball court to help the entire staff keep the weight Smooth can't eeeeven bowl). They're gonna be mixin' a lot of that together, y'all. And if I may add (albeit quite inappropriately), 'Baby Got Back' does fit our future First Lady - another historic first, y'all. 'Chelle - I ain't sayin', I'm just sayin', homegirl. It's all good.

So, y'all heard it hear first. When you see the Mixalot term gettin' picked up by CNN, HuffPo and Politico - remember who dropped it first. Personally, I'm lookin' forward to settlin' in and enjoyin' the next eight years of Mixalot. American definitely headed in the right direction but a little additional mixin' never hurt anybody.



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