Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jay-Z's Girl Out Earns Will Smith's Girl

Wassup, Y'all!

I just threw that out there to start some ruckus, y'all. You know how competitive these celebrity couples are. You can bet your last money that they're all workin' ALL their connections deep into the night to make sure they can get the closest spot to Smooth and 'Chelle at the inauguration and you know they'll ALL be at Oprah's 'monstrous' inauguration gala (tho J's gonna have to check his two .9's and ankle knife at the door (dude - you ain't foolin' nobody with the Gucci tuxes) and Flava? Prolly his big-a$$ clock and all his teeth). But just like little kidz on the playground braggin' on their pops, celebrity husbands like to do some braggin' on their girlz - either the lastest movie/video they shot or the last plate of paper they stacked. In Beyonce's case - ol girl is getting big props on both. Forbes just tabbed J&B as the 'richest celebrity couple' clockin' their annual chedda-fest at $162 million - nearly twice the $85 million the Smith's brought home last year...

Now I ain't sayin', y'all - I'm just sayin' - is Jada even workin' or is she playin' the homemaker role? Yeah, yeah - Madagascar 2 notwithstanding ol Ty's thinkin' ol girl's not pullin' her own weight right now. Willow and Jaden's lil a$$es are big enough to be home alone while mama's out bringin' home at least $80 million. I'm sure now that the numbers are out, the Smiths will be headed to couples counseling shortly - you know Big Willie Style hates to be Number 2, especially when he keeps seein' Bey's new 'Single Ladies' video. The homeys have that one in heavy rotation. Man - Bey even has her own Youtube channel - what's Jada bringin' to the table besides two precocious kidz?

Forbes put the Jay-Z/Bey loot at pretty much fiddy/fiddy with J bringin' $82 million to the table (how the hell is hip-hop still so lucrative?) against Bey's $80 million. Man with that kinda money, I bet ol girl still looks good with curlers, green face cream *and* her mama sittin' next to her. Just playin', y'all. 

Anyway, now that the pressure's on, you gotta know Jada's gonna be tryin' to up her $5 million take next year. Maybe if she throws in a part-time Avon or Amway gig - like mama tried to hook me up with - that would at least help her jack that up by two or three hundred. Yo Jada - holler if you want the Amway kit - ol Ty still has a few extras...



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