Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's Wrong With My Code Names?

Wassup, Y'all!

I had to note with a little saltiness that the Secret Service went ahead and dismissed my suggestions for Obama family code names and decided to use their own. I'll refrain from citing this as a return to politics as usual since they also rejected my suggestion for GW's code name when he came to office back in 2000. At that time, I quietly rolled by the Treasury Department and dropped my suggestion into their Presidential Code Name suggestion box. My choice was 'Doofus' but they went with 'Tumbler' - a code name I thought had already gone to former President Gerald Ford (Passkey) because his clumsy a$$ kept fallin' down. But then GW did bust is a$$ a few times, first falling off a Segway and then falling off his mountain bike so I decided to give the Secret Service the benefit of the doubt...

So instead of Smooth, 'Chelle, Lil 'Chelle (Malia) and Cool Breeze (Sasha) those boys took the easy way out by throwing a dictionary at the wall and turning it over to the 'R' section to pull out the bogus 'Renegade', 'Renaissance', 'Radiance' and 'Rosebud'. Oh the indignity! They must have forgotten how much ol Ty contributed to the campaign or directly influenced the electoral outcome with his timely and insightful postings during the heat of the campaign. What's the world coming to when a brother can't even call in a favor like being able to bestow the family code names? I'm disillusioned, y'all, but before I throw in the towel and accept this uncalled for dissin', I'm going try one last time.

I'm on hold right now with the Secret Service command center with my code name suggestion for Smooth's mother-in-law, who's coming to D.C. to help out with Lil 'Chelle and Cool Breeze. Matter of fact, this suggestion came by way of Smooth while we were talkin' national strategy last night between Sports Center highlights. When I asked him how he felt about the fact that his mother-in-law would be hanging around 24/7 which meant he and 'Chelle couldn't be runnin' around the White House naked when they felt like it once the girls went to bed, he summed it up in two words - 'Bad News'. 

Ahhh, I can hear it now, y'all. Secret Service agents whisperin' into their little mics - 'Bad Newz is on the move' or 'Bad Newz' is in the White House, repeat, Bad Newz is in the White House'.  It's perfect. Now let these fools go another way on that one and ol Ty's gonna know somethin'.



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