Monday, November 17, 2008

Ebony Magazine asks 'How You Like Me Now?'

Wassup, Y'all!

If you grew up in the Southside Nation or had a couple southside friends that you would holler at over at their crib, you no doubt saw either a copy of Ebony magazine, Jet Magazine or both splayed over the coffee table. Since Ebony debuted in 1942 as the more obviously titled 'Negro Digest', it became a southside staple by being pretty much the only large circulation magazine that profiled southside movers and shakers (celebrities, politicians, athletes, etc.) during a time that nearly all of the mainstream magazines chose not too. It was our 'separate but equal' People magazine and though now, southside folk appear in all manner of mainstream magazines, both Ebony and Jet maintain a genuine fondness in southsiders' hearts. So ol Ty was happy to hear that when it came time for Smooth Barack and 'Chelle to choose a magazine to give their first post election magazine interview and photo shoot to, they chose Chicago based Ebony magazine...

If I didn't know before (which I did, y'all) that Smooth and 'Chelle were going to be far from your ordinary First Family, I just checked out their 60 Minutes interview and as a couple, those two are typical - jokin', takin' sly digs and being imminently appreciative of the other. By choosing Ebony over any other of the hundreds of 'mainstream' magazines vying for the honor, they send yet another signal that this isn't going to be business as usual, y'all. Change has come to America any time a first time interview with Smooth and 'Chelle can be one page away from the latest on Jay-Z and Be's business or Ebony's advice columnist breakin' the sad news to Roshanda that her baby's daddy is likely already kickin' it with his other baby's mama.

Anyway - big basement props to Mr. & Mrs. Smooth for keepin' it real.



P.S. Yo Ebony subscription department! My bad! Ol Ty's check is in the mail...

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