Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Quitting the Reality TV Game...

Wassup, Y'all!

Granted this post is a bit behind the curve but I did have to finally weigh in with my thoughts on two knuckleheads who both beat the odds to actually make it on to a high stakes reality TV show, only to wilt under the pressure before being fired or voted off and voluntarily quitting. The amazing part is that that in both cases the bailers were from the south side camp...

First we have to go back to Survivor #7 - Pearl Islands - 2003 - to meet Knucklehead #1 Osten Taylor.

Osten Taylor - It's gotta be the steroids, money!

Daaamn homey - in high school you was the maaan, homey. F**k happened to you? Come on, now! You can see how this brother got on the show, but how's my man gonna quit before the women and old folks? That's just straight whack! I was watching the show at the time and toward the end, I was pretty much tired of how old boy was just crying and whining anyway. My question is - why bother to get on the show and take a slot from someone else if you're just gonna fold like grandmama's laundry? Shame, shame.

Just as I was getting over the ignominy of that overt whackness (for the brothers down at Winky's corner store that means humiliation, y'all) knucklehead #2 shows up on the current issue of The Apprentice - shorty Verna from the Book Smart Team.

Shorty Verna

I know sisters can put up with just a little bit more than homegirl did. I'm sure the shortys on the South Side were saying 'Awww hell no' when Verna seemed to get overwhelmed by her task, packed her sh*t and rolled - wandering the Jersey Shore with her rollaway bag....

Verna Gettin' Her Roll On

Come on now! Jettin' before the high school crew gets fired? I'm not sure what's going on but the madness has to stop, y'all! Reality TV needs to start dippin' into the 'hood to get some contestants who will knuckle up (and probably take out a few contestants while they're sleeping...). All I got to say is now that America's Next Top Model 4 is set to debut - I better not see Shorty Keenyah voluntarily flying the coop or I'm through with reality TV...until the next season rolls around...

Compton Shorty Keenyah

And I mean it, too!



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