Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Rock is Gay!!

Wassup, Y'all!

I damn near fell out in the bookstore today as I was perusing the periodicals and happened by The Rock's mug staring back from Out Magazine right next to that headline! Now before we go further into this intriguing tale, old Tyrone has two facts to state: 1) I don't read Out Magazine and 2) My allegiance remains firmly in the shorty camp. That said, you know I had to peep the article (as I'm secure in my manhood) as research for this column to see if such a thing could be remotely possible...

Happily (or perhaps unhappily for those switch hitters out there) it turns out Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock was only doing publicity for the upcoming movie Be Cool in which he plays a gay bodyguard. The trailer to Be Cool looks pretty good with a cast that includes Cedric the Entertainer, Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000 from Outkast, y'all) and a former featured shorty, Christina Milian (by the way John Travolta, Vince Vaughn and Uma Thurman are in that joint too...). Christina seems to be showing up weekly these days - she just opened in Man of the House (also with Ced the Entertainer) and opens next week in Be Cool. Just to show y'all what you have to look forward to, let me drop a couple glossies...

Busy Christina Milian

The Non Traditional sexy shorty

Speaking of non traditional sexy shortys - note the new addition to my Rib Tips and Hot Links section - Miss Phoebe Fabulous (which changes to 'Fabolous' when she steps to the South Side :-) ). Just like her tag portends - too hot to handle, too cold to hold - old girl is all that and bold enough to invite folks along for the ride. Interesting, intriguing and flavored to taste - give it a peep - she'll definitely grow on you - plus she can parlez vous Francais and we know how sexy that can be - ooo, la, la, y'all.

Vida G sighting...Just like hearing a word for the first time then hearing it everyday for a week, I peeped bootilicious Vida Guerra on one of the eight million car mags on the mag stands these days. Turns out the front is enhanced but the back is au naturale and she likes wearing ball caps - gotta love a shorty that can kick jeans, t-shirts and a backwards or cocked cap! That's one you can bring home to see moms...

I'm out, y'all!



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