Friday, September 02, 2005

A Pause for the Cause

Wassup, Y'all!

Long time Malone Zone readers will remember that I busted on the scene during the late stages of the 2004 Presidential Election season and cut my teeth on political commentary. Since those times, I've moved on to a buffet of other topics but with the unbelievable ruckus going on in New Orleans, I must interrupt my regularly scheduled blogcast to get some stuff off my mind. If you want an eloquent and well thought out discussion on the government's poor response to the crisis, I've read none better than my boy Howard's take over at The Dark Stuff in his post 'A Can't Do Government'. Give it a peep, y'all. My take is going to be a little more personal...

First of all - let me look past the government's piss poor response to the human crisis occurring along the Gulf Coast. I need to talk to my south side homeys in New Orleans who are partaking in (non essential) looting and strong armed thuggery - WTF, y'all? Y'all got the eyes of the nation and the world on you and you're out there showing your a$$ and causing *more* problems for your own folks? If there was *ever* a time that Chris Rock's breakdown on the difference between black folks and ni**as applies - it's now. Y'all fools are a straight up, hands down embarassment to the south side nation.

Second - my boys 'Tini Mack and DLT were personally touched by the events as both had loved ones in New Orleans. 'Tini Mack has been working since Tuesday both in Chicago and with Search & Rescue in New Orleans to help get his goddaughter out of Xavier University where she and others were stranded in a flooded dorm. The good news is they finally got airlifted off the dorm roof (after spending two days trapped) and Jesse Jackson helped get them from New Orleans to Southern University in Baton Rouge. Hopefully both 'Tini and his goddaughter will be back in Chi-Town on Sunday.

Third,I'm watching the news coming out of NO and I can't believe this is happening in the United States, y'all. How the hell can the government response be so bad when they knew a Category 5 hurricane was headed toward NO? I have to give dap to all the folks now calling out GW and the boys (including Republicans who know there's no positive way to spin this mess) but in particular I'd like to single out shorty Senator Mary Landrieu from LA. I've been a fan of hers for a while, y'all and I appreciated the role she played a few months back to band with that group of progressive Senators who helped avoid that 'nuclear option' showdown in the Senate that would have stripped the minority of their ability to filibuster judicial appointments. Interestingly, Mary was raising the alarm well before all this ruckus kicked off when she tried to call attention to GW's huge cut in the Army Corps of Engineers' budget in New Orleans. At the time, Mary broke it down like this:

"I think it's extremely shortsighted," Landrieu said. "When the Corps of Engineers' budget is cut, Louisiana bleeds. These projects are literally life-and-death projects to the people of south Louisiana and they are (of) vital economic interest to the entire nation."

Hmmm, looking $3-$4/gallon gas prices in the face (around the nation) I'd say she knows what she's taking about. Anyway, every news show I see her on, she's always thoughtful, well spoken and seems to be much more apolitical (aka moderate) that most of those shrill a$$ red state/blue state fools on Capitol Hill. For a politician she truly seems smart and genuine. I've got my eye on old girl - I think she's going places (and if she's not, she needs to be...).

Finally, I'll leave you with another dose of good news since there's *plenty* of jacked up news still to be had - my boy Fats Domino managed to make it out of New Orleans. When I told this to my boyz their reaction was - Fats Domino is *still* alive!? Yep - Fats is 77 and still kicking, y'all. He tried to ride out the storm in his crib but when the flood waters got up to the second floor he had to get rescued from the third floor by boat. At the moment his cousin - LSU starting QB JaMarcus Russell - is putting him up at his apartment. It's good to know that even if you can't count on your government to rush in and help you in your time of need, at least you have family, y'all.



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