Thursday, September 15, 2005

What's the Dilly With Treach?

Wassup, Y'all!

Sorry about the spotty posting - all the sudden my phone's been blowing up with invitations so I decided to swoop one and head down to a blues club last night to catch a hot act from a young cat called Pistol Pete. Old boy was off the hook, y'all. His web site mentions Jimi Hendrix as one of his guitar influences and he rocked his joint just like Mr. Purple Haze for a tight 90 minute set. Annnnnnyway, after that heartwarming transformation outing of D'Angelo a few weeks back, I thought it might be a good idea to kick a set of regular posts checking out the happenings of folks who've sunk back into obscurity after their fifteen minute shelf life expired. So from time to time I'm going to kick a What's the Dilly With? post to help y'all get those warm feelings back again. Today we profile the original uptown vandal who's scandal we can't handle - Treach...

Somehow, Treach found his way to the side of fine Kerry Washington at a premier of Spike Lee's blink-to-video joint She Hate Me. A quick look through IMDB reveals that our boy Ant'ny Criss has been making a killing off of just being his thug self. For me, homeboy will always be Philky - the cold blooded dealer from Showtime's retired Soul Food who was cold enough to bump off a little junvenile thug-in-training who tried to lighten some of his weight. On the big screen, Treach has starred in such Oscar hopefuls as 3 AM (as Bass), Empire (as Chedda), Conviction (as Tank), Playas Ball (as Ricardo) and Today You Die (as Ice Cool). I don't plan on mentioning his turn as Tyrone (oh *hell* naw) back in the day in First Time Felon or his dip to the west side in the horror movie El Chupacabra (what??).

Seems like just yesterday that our boy Treach and Pepa were recreating that ghetto wedding from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air when Will's boy Jazz bopped down the aisle with his bride to song Float On by the Floaters. Ahhhh, Float On - remember that joint, y'all? Aquarius....Libra....Leo...Cancer...Ralph...Charles...Paul...Larry. Aquarius and my name is Ralph. Now I like a woman who loves her freedom... Can't hear lyrics like that anymore. Now it's all Shake that booty, shake that booty, shake that booty, girl. Not a zodiac sign shoutout anywhere in sight.... Hmmm, kinda like Treach's a$$ seen above in a custom Huster Phi Hustler sweatshirt from Hustlers University. I'd say more like Broke Phi Broke (we ain't got IT) from Kanye West's Late Registration CD if he keeps picking those choice movie roles, y'all.



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