Monday, September 26, 2005

Not Everybody Hates Chris...

Wassup, Y'all!

The numbers for Chris Rock's new UPN sitcom look tight. During that timeslot, Everybody Hates Chris did more business than Joey over on NBC! When have you *ever* seen trailer park UPN outdraw high society NBC? Anybody? I had the opportunity to check out the premier episode with a sexy north side shorty over the weekend and I'm here to tell y'all (just like I did when I previewed the success of the show a few weeks back) the show in general and Tyler James Williams (who plays young Chris Rock) in particular are hitting and holding...

I had to crack up when they played the song Ebony and Ivory during a slo-mo scene of Chris getting a beat down by a north side bully at his school. So far, so good, y'all. Everybody Hates Chris retains a slot in the TiVo Season Pass list. Y'all know I'm tight with those slots so I must be feeling it.

I also introduced shorty north side to that tripped out show on Showtime called Weeds. That joint is about a suburban housewife - Mary Louise Parker in the attached glossy - who loses her husband and begins selling weed / endo / chronic / cheeby / reefer / mary jane / cannibis in her rich, north side subdivision. She slides down to the hood every so often to get a new supply from her south side dealers and its the interaction between these folks and how old girl tries to maintain her normal life despite being a dealer herself that make this joint so funny. If y'all like homeboy Malco Romany (3rd from the left in the final glossy) in the 40-year Old Virgin (if you haven't peeped that flick by now, y'all are missing a treat - that joint is *tripped* out), you'll really like him in Weeds as he plays the son of the matriach pot supplier (who spends her time cooking southern cuisine in the midst of distributing nickle and dime bags and swooping the cash. Malco seems to have a little love jones going on for Mary Louise and old Tyrone has to admit - there's something a bit appealing about old girl...can't put my finger on it though. I caught her doing her thing in NYC earlier this year in a play called Reckless and she's got that wide-eyed, quirky thing down to a science.

Anyway, if y'all are looking to get your laugh on, you can't go wrong with either of these shows but since my boy 'Tini Mack *still* doesn't have cable at the crib, I have to go with Everybody Loves Chris since that show is available to the masses and knocks it out in a quick and tasty thirty minutes.



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