Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Serena getting ready to Flirt!

Wassup, Y'all!

Faithful readers will remember a few posts back when I dropped my worldly opinion on the Venus and Serena reality show - Venus & Serena: For Real and mentioned that it wasn't hard to see why it was that Venus' game was getting back on track while Serena's was regressing. Remember when I said old girl had too many off court distractions - her fashion design firm Aneres, her TV gigs, modeling gigs, her weedy looking, Hollywood director boyfriend Brett Ratner (and weedy looking is a compliment for old boy...), yada, yada, yada. All forces which conspired to cut into her practice time and open the door for her knee and ankle injuries (and lackidasical rehabbing). Watching her pout, shout and bounce her racket on the court while older sister Venus was bringing the heat in the U.S. Open only reinforced that view for me, y'all. So it comes as no surprise to learn that instead of going behind closed doors to do some Rocky Balboa style training to get the #1 ranking back (which somehow Maria Sharapova can get to *while* she's morphing into the latest 'It' girl model) our girl Serena has signed on with Estee Lauder to be "the 2006 guest creator for its Flirt! cosmetics line". Serena! Homegirl - how about trying to flirt with the #1 ranking?...

Now I was happy to hear Serena say during the show that she needed to "cut him loose" - referring to weedy Ratner and his habit of popping into town for a few hours for a booty call to hang with Serena then zooming back out of town to 'take care of some business'. Brett we know that Hollywood casting couch never gets cold, homeboy (even for weedy looking dudes like you). Anyway - I'm like Go 'head, homegirl - that's one less distraction in the way! Then BAM, next thing you know Serena's in New York talking to an accessory company about getting some gear to compliment her fashion line. I didn't see the first ball machine, tennis court or racket while old girl was 'taking her meeting'. Now I can't say I blame old girl for trying to get some of hers, but I also hear her continue to complain about how she's not used to being so lowly ranked as she tries to have her cake and eat it too.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Venus is handling her bidness, y'all - running, doing dexterity drills, working on her game, winning Wimbledon - y'all get the picture. True Serena's got the badunkadunk (actually in Serena's case badunkadunk seems so inadequate a word...) in the family but Venus seems to have the savvy, drive and determination to be sucessful on the court. She seems to have the proper perspective - that tennis is the engine that runs the rest of the ambition train. So in the meantime, Serena can do all the pouting and racket bouncing she wants to - if she wants to get back to the top of the game, she's know what to do and it ain't got a damn thing to do with flirting, y'all.



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