Saturday, September 10, 2005

What NOT to joke about: Exhibit A

Wassup, Y'all!

The lead glossy already sets the tone for a post I never thought I'd have to write (because I was giving some folks too much credit for having common sense...). I was over at Cinematical today and stumbled across a blurb about Jamie Foxx going off on the set of Michael Mann's upcoming movie Miami Vice. So I'm like, let me peep this joint to see what Jamie's got to complain about - probably some J-Lo diva-ness going on where he only wants green M&Ms in his trailer piled high in the cups of a Victoria's Secret Ipex bra held by a topless Brazilian supermodel or something like that. Turns out it's nothing like that and that he was rightfully going off on a couple idiot stage hands who thought it would be humorous to approach his set double David Brown with a noose. If you're still clueless on why south siders find this sh*t serious as a heart attack, meet me after the jump to get an education...

Regular readers of my blog know I'm all for a good laugh and my humor can be a bit biting at times, but I do have common sense y'all and you won't ever find a column that seeks to find humor in things that are blatantly racist. I appreciate the diversity of the blogosphere and I've learned alot from the thoughtful, serious, humorous, and heartfelt postings I've read. For some of the more uneducated that think that in 2005 enough time has passed that you now feel comfortable stepping to a south sider dressed in black face or calling him a ni**ger (despite what the hell you see and hear on hip-hop videos or on Chappelle's Show) or pulling out a noose as a party prop or a weak a$$ joke - my advice is this: Don't...ever, unless the result you seek is a world class (and justified) beat down. Propping a noose is particularly foul and before you think to do it you'd be wise to spend a few hours at your local bookstore or library absorbing a book called Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America. After you learn about how north side lynchings of south siders (in many cases accompanied by perpetrators setting them on fire while they were dying) was pretty much considered a 'Saturday Social' - entertainment fit for the whole family (children included), you'll see why south siders have no patience or humor for that bullsh$t.

I guess we can be happy that on the Miami Vice set, the gats are all loaded with blanks as I'm pretty sure both Jamie and David would have been ventilating some northside a$$ busting a few caps after that bogus encounter...

Okay, now let me massage my earlobes and drop a few Woooo Saahhh before I catch a case, y'all.



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