Friday, December 12, 2008

1 Jesse Jackson Jr. = 1 Senate Candidate #5

Wassup, Y'all!

As I speculated in my Wednesday post on the sad shenanigans perpetrated by our Illionois Governor F-Rod Blagojevich, up and comin' Chicago congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. has been identified as the infamous 'Senate Candidate #5' - the candidate outed in the 78-page federal criminal complaint as a candidate desiring Smooth Barack Obama's vacant senate seat and seemingly willing to 'pay to play' with F-Rod by offering between $500,000 to $1 million to his re-election campaign....

Naturally, J-Jack, Jr. is vigorously defendin' his innocence and publically stated that it's an 'impossibility' that someone on his behalf could have made such an offer but you have to wonder why F-Rod and his crew would lie about the existence of that offer if they weren't aware they were being recorded by the feds? Something fishy is going on in J-Jack land which is unfortunate since ol Ty thought he was actually qualified for the vacancy on his own merits built as a congressman.

Initially it appears that F-Rod was just throwin' J-Jack's name out there to put pressure on Smooth's team to 'sweeten the pot' if they wanted to see Smooth's girl Valerie Jarrett get the seat. Later on, the F-Rod team alludes to 'evelating' the possibility of J-Jack, Jr. gettin' the seat because they think there's a possibility of gettin' some chedda 'up front'. Apparently a J-Jack, Jr. emissary said that J-Jack, Jr. could put things in place to generate the $500,000-$1million if needed. F-Rod wanted a piece of that up-front to make sure that J-Jack, Jr. followed through. Apparently, F-Rod had a previous bad experience with J-Jack, Jr. not following through on promises hence his tactic to try and get him to put some skin in the game with an up-front payment.

All this is alledged to have gone on despite the fact that F-Rod was claiming that he was getting big pressure *not* to give the seat to J-Jack, Jr. From who? I guess time will tell as this thing gets juicier by the day. What's clear in all this is that J-Jack, Jr.'s once promising political career is in serious jeopardy. It's going to be interesting to see if he can recover - and possibly just run for the seat outright in 2010, but as more details emerge that possibility seems to be gettin' dimmer by the day. Ahhh Chicago politics :-)



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