Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The end of Detroit's Sex Text Scandal

Wassup, Y'all!

I dropped my 'Kwame Kilpatrick: Boy King To Do A Bid' post a little more than a year ago in the wake of Boy King's admission of guilt in the scandalous Detroit Sex Text ruckus, ol Ty speculated on the fate of his undercover lover Christine 'C-Beat' Beatty. My contention was that ol boy would leave her twistin' in the wind as he weasled the best plea deal he could get for himself. After all, undercover lovers don't really look all that good in the light of day - they're much more attractive muted in shadows and dangerous intrigue - LOL!...

Well the shoe dropped on C-Beat yesterday as she entered her own guilty plea and choked out a few heartfelt, "Mama No"s as she was ordered to read a statement aloud in the courtroom admitting her lyin', cheatin' ways. Gotta like that in the justice system. Like when they put celebrities out on the street to do menial labor for all to see (Boy George, Naomi) or publish the names of homeys caught visitin' the shortys on the stroll down on lower Wacker. It reminds me of the glossys I saw of a southside mother who made her teenage son hold a sign up on a public street declarin' that he wanted to 'go to jail to visit his daddy' after he got caught stealin. His mama pulled up a lawn chair and got her lemonade on while she sat next to him all damn day.  Ahhhh - southside tough love.

Guess that approach works for grown folks too as the report says that C-Beat couldn't even get it out she was cryin' so hard. The judge had to call a brief pause for the cause but still made her do it. So ends a sad chapter in Detroit history, an era that included a political implosion, an auto industry implosion, a housing market implosion, a football team implosion and a fashion implosion brought on by those fashionably questionable short sets.  Man - what a fall. From top of the world, running a major American city to straight convict #1238475, moppin' floors and hearin' whispers in the night about how 'Im a get that pretty a$$'.

Cautionary tale y'all! Kanye heard 'em say, 'Nothin's ever promised tomorrow today'. Keep ya head up, Motown! Better days are comin'.



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