Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Act Three: Jesse Jr. - The Federal Rat

Wassup, Y'all!

This one surprised even me. One minute ol Ty's gettin' ready to start fresh and move on from J-Jack, Jr.'s Chicago soap opera, the next minute CNN's reporting that homey's been a rat bastard confidential informant for the U.S. Attorney's office for ten years and droppin' dimes on F-Rod Blagojevich for the last two (dap to for hippin' Ty to these actual factuals). Y'all know I'm playin' with that 'rat bastard' stuff. Ol Ty's been known to take in a mob flick or two and we know there's no love lost between those boys and federal informants. In this case though, this unexpected twist just might be Jr.'s road back from the wilderness....

It's interesting how the blocks seemingly keep falling together. Monday on 'Chicago Turns', ol Ty linked the fact that F-Rod mentioned he was getting 'big pressure' not to name Jr. to Smooth Barack's vacant senate seat to the fact his name got left off of Smooth's short list of 'acceptable' seat fillers. Last Friday, ol Ty mentioned that F-Rod said that he wanted some 'up-front money' as proof that 'Senate Candidate #5' would come through on a promise to raise $500,000 for his re-election campaign because he had a previous bad experience with Senate Candidate #5 not keepin' his promises when it came to contributions. Now in CNN's report they note that, 'in 2002, Blagojevich — then running for governor of Illinois — solicited a $25,000 campaign donation from Jackson, which he did not get'. Not only that but at the time of the request for 25 large, Jr.'s wife was up for the Lottery Commission Director's job - which she didn't get and the following year once F-Rod took office, he allegedly told Jr. 'You see what $25,000 would have done?' Now I don't know how they play it in other parts of the country but up in The Windy - that's a straight beat down comment with a rib kick finish.

The way this is headin' you half expect F-Rod to turn up in an ice chunk in the Chicago River very, very soon. As for Jr.? Man, this is turnin' into a straight popcorn movie, y'all. Lookin' forward to the next episode.



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