Monday, December 15, 2008

Jesse Jackson, Jr. To Obama: Et Tu, Smooth?

Wassup, Y'all!

Occasionally in high school English class, ol Ty would take his mind off the honeys long enough to actually read an assignment or two. I appreciated Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' cuz it was kinda gangster - like Nino Brown and his crew in 'New Jack City'. Ultimately, JC became a legend in his own mind and his crew stabbed his a$$ to death - includin' his boy Brutus who had been his homey from way back. As his life dripped away, JC looked over to Brutus and dropped the immortal quote, 'Et tu, Brute?', questioning how even his boy could dog him so coldly.

Now as Jesse Jackson, Jr. continues to plead for his political life and more details emerge about the events leading up to the 'Let's Make A Deal' ruckus surrounding Smooth Barack's vacant senate seat, one thing is clear: Despite J-Jack, Jr. being a co-chair of Smooth's national campaign and publically layin' out his pop for his 'off mic' comments about wantin' to cut of Smooth's testicles for talkin' down to southsiders, Smooth consipicuously left Jr.'s name off his short list of 'acceptible' candidates for his senate seat. Daaaaaang - et tu, Smooth? Et tu?...

Smooth's girl Valerie Jarrett, Smooth's Illinois protege Tammy Duckworth, Illinois Comptroller Ed Hynes, U.S. Rep Jan Schakowsky and last minute addition Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan? All on 'the list'. Where's Jr.? Left the hell out - that's where. In last Friday's post, written after my extensive analysis of the government's 78 page federal criminal compliant of governor F-Rod Blagojevich's bush league behavior, I called out the fact that F-Rod mentioned that he was getting 'big pressure' not to award the seat to Jr. My question at that time was, 'from who?' Now I'm not sayin', y'all. I'm just sayin'.

I can't quite explain the lack of J-Jack, Jr. love from Camp Obama except that maybe Smooth wasn't really quite as understanding of J-Jack, Sr.'s testicular comments as he made out to be. Could homey still be a little salty? And if so, what kind of future treatment can Governor F-Rod expect from Smooth after referrin' to him as a mother-f$%ker? Hell hath no fury like a homeboy dissed, y'all. Good luck, F-Rod. 

Jr.! Maybe a well timed fruit basket would help, homey. Nothing says you care like some Fuji apples and a few easy peel clementines.



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