Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I like it when they call me Big Pop-pa!

Wassup, Y'all!

I was scanning through the top ten videos on my show 106 & Park the other day and almost choked on my Cheetos y'all. There's a brother out there who not only looks like the dear departed Biggie Smalls, but sounds just like old boy too. Check out Guerilla Black's newest cut "You're The One" and tell me I'm not lyin'. Man - he's channeling Biggie. Now ain't that blip - a West Coast Compton rapper who looks and sounds like Big Poppa? For the brothers down at Winky's corner store - that's what you call irony. Man, can an East Coast Tupac clone be far behind?

And while we're on the subject, I'm sad to have to report that if you still want to get away with murder, just make sure you take out a rapper/DJ. Tupac, Biggie, Jam Master Jay - all cold cases, y'all. Maa fact - they aren't even cold cases, cuz now even those bad boys are getting solved on TV. But let Eminem's a** get got and they'll be on the trail like Andrew Cunanen, jack. No doubt.

But I digress - I was laughing at filmthreat.com's Fridge 50 list (2004's 50 coldest entertainers) and our girl Halle Berry is already #2! That is cold. Other notables include Will Smith #13 (sounds like a bit of player hatin' there, though), Keenan Ivory Wayans #16 (way overdue), Queen Latifah #18 (man, come on! I liked 'The Cookout' & Taxi!), Morgan Freeman #19 (I hear he's back in form in his next pic with Clint Eastwood - 'Million Dollar Baby'), Mars Blackmon himself - Spike Lee #21 (it's been a looong time since Malcom X, y'all...) and of course, no Frigid list is complete without our boy GW (#43) - man, that goes without saying. That's like a redundant oxymoron!

Finally, in honor of Blade Trinity dropping on Wednesday, I'm going to switch it up and introduce a little diversity to the glossy file and drop a glossy of crossover shorty Jessica Biel. Sisters, email if you must but I mean, come on now! If I can drop in Mrs. Tiger Woods, Jessica can get just a little column space.

Jessica Biel

It's all about the shorty rainbow coalition, just like Jesse said. Woooo.

I'll holler!



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