Thursday, August 11, 2005

Everybody Hates Chris...

Wassup, Y'all!

I have to admit, y'all - based on the brief previews I've seen of Chris Rock's upcoming, biographical, UPN series 'Everybody Hates Chris' I'm thinking that joint's going to be good so I'm already slotting it for the fall TiVo rotation (especially since the networks had no problem canceling half my rotation from *last* season!). The promo running on UPN's website (link above) was part of the one I saw on TV while watching T-Boz and Chilli ask R U The Girl? You can check out a 7 minute preview of the show to savor a little more flavor if you just can't wait. In an ironic twist, while former Martin girl Gina (Tisha Campbell) heads to Cancelville with the rest of the 'My Wife and Kids' cast, her Martin girl Pam (Tichina Arnold) seems to have found the perfect role as mom to 13 year old Chris Rock...

Of course the first thing that hit me was the promo background music - Chic's Good Times and Kool & the Gang's Get Down On It. You know I had to immediately download both those joints to the iPod (in fact I swooped the the whole Very Best of Kool & the Gang CD while I was there). Man, those bad boys brought back some instant memories, y'all. Chic kept my butt on the dance floor - Good Times ran more than 8 minutes so that was a good cut to pull that reluctant shorty onto the dance floor and run down your lines. And all Kool & The Gang did was drop hits, y'all. From the synthesizer classic Summer Madness (that gets my dog Kofi barking *every time*) to Get Down On It, Celebration, Fresh, Too Hot, Jungle Boogie, Ladies Night, Cherish - y'all get the picture. So if the show kicks a soundtrack like that, I'm already half way there.

Maaa fact, this joint can slide right into the slot vacated by My Wife and Kids (though Tichina is no Tisha, Senator). Tichina is playing to her strengths (loud and sassy - hit the promo and tell me I'm lying...) but nobody hits those notes like old girl. Perfect casting if you ask me. Anyway, we'll see how it goes (and if it makes it past the first season as my picks seem to go by the nickname 'Kiss of Death'...).



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