Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yo, Damon Wayans - WTF?

Wassup, Y'all!

I hope by now y'all are feelin' me when I say (so many times that I've stopped counting) that Damon Wayans is an idiot. There's no polite way to slice it, y'all. That boy is just a straight knucklehead. No sooner does the dust settle on the Michael Richard's comedy club ruckus than this fool pops up in the *same club* droppin' the N-word 16 times during his weak a$$ 20 minute act. That translates to almost 1 pop a minute, a $320 fine (which he purposely brought on stage with him already aware of the club's new $20 fine per utterance), a 3 month ban from LA's Laugh Factory and a southside Chicago beat down if ol Ty ever catches his rusty butt tippin' into any of the local comedy joints around here. It just goes to show that looks may fade with time, but that stupid is forever - which is about how long this fool and his comedy have been working my *last* nerve...

Okay, I'll admit I liked some of his In Living Color stuff - Homey The Clown, the gay movie critic with David Allen Grier, even some of the early My Wife and Kids (before he took that show over the top and out the door) but there was more I didn't like, particularly the way he always pushes the comedy envelope well past funny into the realm of stupid, obscene or offensive. His younger brothers Shawn and Marlon share this similar trait though, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be hurting their box office receipts. But what more can you expect from a brother who tried to *trademark* the term 'nigga'? Could you imagine the firestorm if someone from any other side tried to pull that kind of tom foolery?

Now you've got a situation where a segment of southsiders are trying to renounce the use of the word for entertainment purposes - Paul Mooney, one of the fathers of the 'comedic' use of the N-word, included - and another trying to capitalize on the controversy by putting their use of the N-word into hyperdrive. Where this ends, who knows? What I do know is that as long as southsiders keep clowning and puttin' the word out there we should also expect to hear it uttered out of school by the other sides who may also try to apply it as a 'term of endearment'. No cryin' foul allowed in that case, y'all. Not surprisingly, at least one northsider thought DW's act was in humorous good taste...

As for me? I plan to adopt that new approach mentioned on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update a couple weeks ago. They had Darrell Hammond and Kenan Thompson playing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton respectively and they decided that the only proper thing to do was to use a replacement word - one just as offensive with the same number of syllables - Kramer. As in 'Where my Kramers at?', 'Loan you some money? Kramer, please!', and my favorite new greeting, "What's up, my Kramer?"

Though at this point, 'Damon' would work equally well. DW - straighten yo a$$ up, homey!



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