Monday, December 18, 2006

Tyrone hits Happyness & Blood Diamond

Wassup, Y'all!

No doubt that ol Ty has been remiss in his movie reviews lately, but a few openings in my bizzy schedule have allowed me to hit a couple good flicks over the last couple weeks and though the subject matter of Blood Diamond and The Pursuit of Happyness couldn't be more different, at their heart both movies is a lesson that needs more tellin' in the southside nation - the strong bond between father and son...

As a reminder, when y'all are waiting for my slow a$$ to get to a movie review, you can alway drop into 3blackchicks to get the actual factuals from the pros. Diva and her crew will keep you up to speed until I can come in and offer my own insightful commentary. In this case though, your wait is over.

Let me hit Blood Diamond first. I'm sure by now you've heard the details - Djimon Hounsou plays a father in 1990's Sierra Leone who's family must go into hiding when Revolutionary United Front rebels raid their fishing village. The rebels are seeking slave labor to work their diamond fields and young boys to fill their ranks as rebel foot soldiers. Anyone else who doesn't fit the bill is either shot on the spot or maimed by having one or both of their arms chopped off. Djimon is separated from his family and forced to work the diamond fields and his son is eventually captured and forced to become a child rebel. The story focuses on Djimon's escape and his single minded pursuit to reclaim his son. Along the way he's assisted by a diamond smuggler played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who helps provide the backstory on how the diamond cartel willingly exploited the conflict and profited on diamonds now known as conflict or blood diamonds. Djimon's performance is straight electric, y'all and I have to give this joint 3 Spinners, but beware - some of the scenes are graphic and disturbing.

I previewed The Pursuit of Happyness a couple months ago so check out that post for the background details. This joint is everything it's made out to be - heartwarming and tear jerking (though you know ol Ty was in tight control of his emotions...). The chemistry between Will Smith and real life son Jaden (check 'em out in this month's Ebony Magazine, y'all) is undeniable and when mixed with the fact that the movie is based on a true story and that it co-stars British hottie Thandie Newton (though in a very unflattering role as Will's wife who bails when the going gets tough) it has all the ingredients necessary to bake up another 3 Spinner rating. It's good stuff, y'all and it's clear that all you homeboys with young daughters need to get ready for a room full of Jaden Smith posters going up real soon.

Finally, I'd like to drop a birthday shoutout to my girl Northside Shorty who's celebrating the anniversary of her earthly debut today. You poker players out there may recognize this glossy as one of the avatars from FullTilt Poker (where you may find her wreaking havoc on the tables) that surprisingly bears a striking resemblance to homegirl. Happy B-Day, NS! Don't hurt 'em, homegirl!



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