Wednesday, December 06, 2006

'Day Break' hits Ty's TiVo rotation...

Wassup, Y'all!

Yeah, I was semi-hatin' on this show (way back in August) before I peeped it and I'm man enough to say I was wrong about this joint. Day Break, Taye Diggs new action drama on ABC is off...the...hook. I was wondering how they would be able to pull off a show where the central premise is that the main character relives the same day over and over but the Day Break writers have managed to craft a clever and compelling show that stays fresh each time TD wakes up at 6:18 am...

Andrew Lyons does a good job of summarizing the ruckus for the uninitiated. The microwave version goes like this - Taye Diggs plays a cop who wakes up one morning and has a really bad day - he's framed for murder, arrested, jailed and ultimately ends up in a quarry where he collects a beat down and gets drugged via a very large needle in his neck but before he fades to black, his captors show him a video of his girlfriend (former Laker Girl Moon Bloodgood) getting murdered. When the drug kicks in, he falls asleep and wakes up back in the same exact day...with his previously dead girlfriend snuggled right next to him.

Believe me, you'll want to watch *all* the previous episodes before jumping into this joint (cuz if you don't you'll miss a lot of important backstory) so if you decide to invest the time, watch the old stuff on the ABC website first. The central theme to the show is a phrase one shadowy character mentions to TD as he's losing consciousness to the drug he's given - Decisions, Consequences. In this case, since TD remembers everything that happens each day and retains the wounds from the beatings and shootings he takes, he can also use that knowledge to change the day's events and get closer to solving the murder he's being framed for. It's a deep concept but it works well and it's a great diversion while Lost is off on hiatus and 24 is warming up in the wings.

Try it, you'll like it, y'all. It's tasty and trans fat free and I know my NYC homeys will appreciate that!

**** Update *** is reporting turrible ratings for TD's new show (hmmm, just like TD's old show - Kevin Hill - which I also liked). It seems although critics are agreed on the quality of the show, Taye's not gettin' any love from the desired demographics. They floated the possibility that the show might get dropped before the last 5 episodes air or just let fans enjoy the remaining episodes online or when the DVD set comes out. Now that's whack...



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