Friday, December 15, 2006

Beyonce Gettin' Salty?

Wassup, Y'all!

*** Update 12/15/06 ***

USA Today just dropped their review of Dreamgirls and the accolades keep coming for Jennifer...and the 'non accolades keep coming for Beyonce. To wit: Jennifer's performance -"heart and soul of Dreamgirls", "movie shines when she's onscreen", "standout performance from the rest", "a star is born". Beyonce's performance - "weakest link", "as an actress has a vapid quality", "performance remains one note". Hmmm, that would seem to register the dreaded triple ouch for B. Read on for details of rumored saltiness due to this disparity of love between real life Diva, Beyonce and Shorty on The Rise, Jennifer...


As the Dreamgirls promotion freight train picks up speed ahead of the movie's Christmas day wide release, somewhere just under the sweet music of gushing preliminary reviews of both the movie and the star making turn of Jennifer Hudson's portrayal of big boned Dreamgirl 'Effie White', you can hear a persistent, irritating buzz that sounds a lot like Team Beyonce pouring healthy glasses of haterade (HATE er aide) on the fact that most of the attention is heading away from Mama Tina and Daddy Mathew Knowles' baby girl and toward Hudson who is getting her due after losing out on American Idol to eventual winner Fantasia Barrino...

Y'all know how Team Beyonce does it - they'll pull out all the stops to make sure Baby B is the center of attention in all that she does. Just check out these first two glossys - who's in the middle? In the lead glossy, that's Jennifer on the right and the chick on the left (Anika Noni Rose) is kinda like Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child (aka 'the other one').

Remember the 'original' Destiny's Child? After Team Beyonce got through with original members LaTavia Roberson, LeToya Luckett & Farrah Franklin they became about as visible as Jimmy Hoffa. Now word reaches the basement that despite Beyonce's laser focus on her new role as Deena Jones, center billing between Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy and the director's intention to push B for a Best Actress Oscar nod, all eyes (and ears) are on Jennifer and her breakout performance. That's gotta hurt.

The wires are picking up on some rumored saltiness coming from B's direction regarding this unexpected development. Could just be rumors of a salty beef but given recent history, I'm thinking Jennifer may want to keep a few bomb-sniffing dogs close by. Note to B: Girl, stop hatin'. There's enough oxygen in the Divasphere to go around (unless you and J-Lo are up in there at the same time...).

Anyway, when y'all read the reviews about Dreamgirls and finally check that flick out and love it, remember that old Ty was waaaaaay ahead of the curve proppin' it back in June '05. That's the kind of service I provide here at the Malone Zone just for you. Merry Kwanzaa, y'all.



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