Saturday, April 16, 2005

Julissa & Free: Where's the Beef?

Wassup, Y'all!

I know a few of y'all have been asking yourselves: Dang - when's Tyrone gonna bring back the Daamn Meter Shortys? We'll y'all - today's the day. I've got a two for one on tap due to the non proven but persistent rumor that BET personalities Free and Julissa Bermudez (shorty on the right) *still* have a beef going on. To me this still smacks of some of that Why Can't Shortys Get Along tip that I previewed in the recent Wisteria Hysteria post. That post scratched the surface of the odd phenomenon where just as nature abhors a vacuum, shortys abhor social situations that feature more than one of their own kind (sometimes even if it's their own girl!)...

For some reason this rumor just won't go away and the scenario has resident 106 & Park co-host Free (shorty on the left) feeling a little heat from the 21 year old west side hottie. Lately during 106 & Park tapings, Julissa handles the audience participation segments while Free and her buster, braided up co-host AJ handle the guests and cue up the top 10 videos. I'm guessing the rumor got started by another shorty in the BET talent food chain who wants to bump them both out of the way...that's just how they roll y'all. Truely the more dangerous of the species...

I'm thinking it's just a lot of jibber jabber as the first thing people think about when two hot shortys enter each others gravitational fields is that a Big Bang can't be too far behind since Lord knows they'll *never* be able to get along and support each other. Add in the paranoia associated with being in the superficial entertainment business and their beef plot could almost write itself. All I know is that if they really are beefing - they both need Best Actress in a Lead Role Oscars because they're all smiles and sunshine on the set (just like the Desperate Housewives crew...). Man - that acting is deep, yo.



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