Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kevin Hill's Groundhog Day

Wassup, Y'all!

Shorty Alert (yes, from time to time I will hook y'all up with a *few* actual factuals skewed to your demographic - you're welcome). Look what the cat dragged in. Fresh off the cancellation of his previous UPN series Kevin Hill (which I liked), Taye Diggs is back on the small screen in a new ABC series called 'Day Break'. First, kudos TD for managing to step up a major network and second, dude - I know you have to have a role in that joint for my girl Michael Michelle... copped a preview DVD of the pilot and dropped the following show summary:

Taye Diggs plays Brett Hopper, a cop who quickly learns he's been framed for the murder of an Assistant District Attorney. He's apprehended and booked at the station, as a murder weapon
was found at his place. While in jail that night, he's stolen away to meet those who want him to take the fall for the murder. That's when things get strange, when he wakes up in bed again on the same morning, reliving the day once again. And then again. We don't learn why, we don't learn how, and we don't learn what Hopper must do to make this day stop repeating.

Okay freeze that, Peabo. How many southside homeys do you know with a name like 'Brett Hopper'? Come on now ABC - Brett? Hopper? Why not just call him Ronald Reagan? Or Orrin Hatch? All you had to do was hit me in the basement and I would have hooked you up quick fast and in a hurry with some appropriate southside tags like Tyrone Jenkins or LaTyrone Jackson or DeMarcus Malone - it ain't rocket science, y'all.

Anyway, the plot's a straight twist from that Bill Murray joint Groundhog Day. Man, think about how cool that would be to get a chance to repeat the same day (for about a week or two). You could curse your boss out and still have your job the next day. Eat four dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts and still be on your low carb diet the next day. Rob a bank, blow the money and still be a law abiding citizen the next day. The possibilities are endless. I'm interested to see how TD will play it - especially when he can be a cad with the shortys and still get play from them the next day. Forget all that murder ruckus.

The joint is due to debut Wednesday, November 15 at 9PM ET (and then they'll show the same episode every day until you figure out how to stop it...)



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