Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All Grown Up Just Like Rudy Huuuuxtable

Wassup, Y'all!

Before I get into the topic of today's post (sorry 'bout yesterday y'all - ol Ty was suffering from sleep deprived writer's block!) I need to drop a couple quick comments on yesterday's events.

First, congrats to Smooth Barack and Sister Hillary for sticking to 'The Plan'. Smooth gave a great speech last night (what's new) and Oregon dropped it like it was hot - Kentucky...not so much. I was also happy to see at least one person in the Tennessee GOP has some common sense - TN Senator Bob Corker told his political kin folk to quit snapping on 'Chelle and focus on real issues. Man - how refreshing would that be from the GOP? Finally, Ted Kennedy. Damn. This cancer thing is out of control. If you weren't sure how wide spread his impact was just check out how his senate colleagues took the news. It's a true blow to the heart of the Democratic Party. Good luck and Godspeed Brother Ted.

Now on to (not so little) Keisha Knight Pulliam aka Rudy Huxtable from The Cosby Show. Daaaaaamn. Don't think that ol Ty hasn't noticed the type of film roles ol girl has been gravitating to. She first popped back on ol Ty's radar playing a fast little number named Darnelle in Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah, now word has it that her next role will be as a prostitute in Tyler Perry's upcoming movie, 'Madea Goes To Jail'. That's enough for ol Ty to spot a trend and make a call to stop the madness...

Now I've been chastised on many occasions for talking about the film role choices our southside actors make - most notably when I cracked on Oscar winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. for his less than inspiring choices (outside of Nicky Barnes in American Gangster where ol boy handled his business). My yapping a$$ was quickly smacked down by readers pointing out that 1) good role offers to southside actors are still few and far between and, 2) southside actors have to eat too. Good points, but a ho? Rudy Huxtable playing a ho. How is this career progress?

To be honest, I'm a little ambivalent about the whole Tyler Perry thing. I know I say that at my peril since southside shorties have long held ol boy and his projects in fond affection, but the jury's still out with me on that one. One thing's for sure though - he's found a successful, lucrative niche fueled by the southside nation and he has clearly shown that you don't necessarily need crossover appeal to stack tall paper.

I also noticed that KKP was featured in an episode of Perry's hit TBS show 'House of Payne'. One thing you notice about Perry and his casting choices is that once you're in one of his projects, chances are he'll be coming back to you for more. I need to start a Six Degrees of Madea chart for southside actors.

But what's going on with the corruption of little Rudy? I guess it's just hard for us (me) to change a mental image. I'm still tripping on how big my niece and nephew got when I wasn't looking. Today Keisha's damn near 30 but I still remember ol girl lip synching the Margie Hendrick's part of Ray Charles' 'Night Time Is The Right Time' as a five year old on Cosby. Baaaaby! Baaaaby! Oh Baby! Do I looooove you? No one abooove you! Hold me tight!

That joint *still* cracks me up. *sigh* When did ol Ty get so old? Y'all better not answer that!



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