Friday, May 02, 2008

A Grown A$$ Man Admits He was Wrong

Wassup, Y'all!

Truthfully, ol Ty is a bit worn out from the back and forth of the Democratic race so I'm gonna chill from that ruckus today and focus on something a whole lot more fun - the movies.

Now if you've been a frequent Urban Eye reader you'll know that your boy is rarely wrong but I have to say with respect to three dubious casting choices that I initially said would never work, I'm man enough to admit that I was wrong, wrong and wrong. This post is timely since my most recent wrong vote went against Paramount for thinkin' Robert Downey, Jr. could play billionaire industrialist, Tony Stark in Iron Man...

Now ol Ty has been reading comics for a long time, y'all. I know this may be shockin' to some of you since you know me to be such a serious brother, but it's true. So like we do when we put faces to voices we hear on the radio (and I ALWAYS get that wrong), I did my own casting for some of the major comic book characters, including Iron Man's Tony Stark. Back in the day I was thinkin' Tom Selleck til his a$$ got a little long in the tooth. In fact I was thinkin' anybody but Rob-Down until I saw him in the trailer. At that point, I had to start actin' like I thought he was the right choice from jumpstreet. Y'all know how I do.

Before the whole Iron Man castin' dust up, I was all up in arms when Sony cast Daniel Craig as the new James Bond. I was like - 'oh hell naw! There ain't nothin' smooth or debonair about that guy - how's he gonna look in an Aston-Martin?' Then I saw ol boy in Casino Royale and now I can't see anyone else in the role - they took the Bond character dark and he straight rocked it Bourne Identity style.

Finally, I was most upset with Warner Bros. for castin' Christian Bale as the new Batman. I was like - 'oh hell naw! There ain't nothin' smooth or debonair about that guy - how's he gonna rock the bat utility belt and the bat mobile?' Then I saw ol boy in Batman Begins and here too - I can't see anyone else in the role. Warner Bros. also took Batman back to his dark roots (he ain't your daddy's whack 60's Batman - BIFF, POW!) and Bale has an edge to him that fits the character like a glove. No need to be smooth and debonair when you're on the gloomy streets of Gotham City playin' for keeps.

So, yes, a brother can admit when he's wrong - just not early or often. I plan to get out today and have a little fun and let Smooth handle his own business for a few days. I encourage y'all to do the same - kick your heels up, have a little fun, do some bondin' with your boo or hang with your boyz/girlz - Monday will be here soon enough. If y'all happen to be in the theater with me later today tho - be sure to turn your cell phone off or risk gettin' a Twizzler upside the back of your head - ol Ty can be a little dark his damn self when it comes to knuckleheads interruptin' his movie watchin' experience. Just so you know :-)



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