Friday, May 16, 2008

R. Kelly Reckoning Day FINALLY Near

Wassup, Y'all!

If ol Ty had been blogging when R. Kelly (Kells) was first indicted on 21 counts of having sex with a minor (June 6, 2002) I would have put up a countdown clock on his trial that would FINALLY be down to four days. After numerous legal maneuvers by his legal team that have delayed the trial nearly six years, a jury has finally been seated and the trial will finally begin in earnest on Tuesday, May 20th. Finally.

In past posts ol Ty has dubbed the trial Pee-Gate since one of the prime pieces of evidence is a video tape showing Kells not only having sex with the alledged victim in question but also getting his freak on by letting loose with a Golden Shower. That ruckus ought to be worth at least 4 more counts in my opinion since that act is not in doubt. What is is the age of the alleged victim at the time of the incident and, as Kells defense team put out, whether it was even R. Kelly in the video tape. The Boondocks clip after the jump should clear up any confusion on that...

Leave it to Aaron McGruder to drop a preview of how the trial will go. I have to agree, though I'm probably one of ten people in the southside nation who hasn't actually seen a bootleg copy of the video. An informal poll of my peeps who have seen it indicated overwhelmingly that they thought it was Brother Freaknik on the tape.

Money will do a lot to sway a trial in your favor. It can get you the best lawyers and it can soften up witnesses who would prefer a side slice of cheddar instead of personal integrity. Due to the delay, the alledged victim is now in her 20's and even if she did testify for the prosecution (which she won't), seeing a twenty-something woman on the stand vs. a 14 year-old girl will have a much different effect on a jury. Similarly, the alledged victim's parent's plan to testify for the defense. I'm sure their Cayman Island bank account is flush with cash.

Still, Kells vaunted legal team wasn't able to exclude the one prosecution witness they didn't want to see - a woman who will testify that she had a three way with Kells and the girl in question. That should lead to some fireworks when she hits the stand. Unfortunately, once again, I'll have to do my reporting from the courthouse steps since Cook County denied my press pass request again. How's a brother supposed to be the Urban Eye without a press pass? See? Yet another example of the man trying to keep a brother down...or an example of a brother who waited until today to call to see if any press passes were left. Man, Kells ain't that damn famous...

Anyway, hopefully this joint won't go on as long as the Michael Jackson or OJ trials did. Taste of Chicago's coming up in late June and I sure don't need any out of state press types trying to beat me to that last turkey leg.

Have a great weekend, y'all!



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