Monday, May 12, 2008

Sister Hillary's Swan Song

Wassup, Y'all!

The democratic primary process seems to be all over but the shoutin' and as this thing winds down, folk are still wondering if, when and how Sister Hillary will exit the stage. Most folk seem resigned to the fact that this will play out until mid June, but it should be interestin' to see how the dynamics of this change (or not) when SH wins West Virginia on Tuesday goin' away. Smooth has a mini-firewall in Oregon which votes the same day as Kentucky - another state which SH should win convincingly. He's pointin' to that day - May 20th - as VC Day (Victory over Clinton). I'm cautiously optimistic about ol girl holsterin' her weapons and movin' on to fight another day, but this election cycle has been anything but predictable...

New Malone Zone commenter Maria S. tossed a pointer to a humorous twist on the Dr. Suess saw 'Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!' That's the sweet. The sour is our boy Rev. Al (Sharpton) brushin' off the old Apollo Theater hook, announcin' 'It's over' and comparin' Sister Hillary to an entertainer 'who doesn't know when the show is over'. My first thought on that is that Rev. Al needs to take care of his tax business first before jumpin' in to alienate Sister Hillary supporters who are needed for the fall campaign. I love me some Rev. Al but this is a time for internal healin', not pilin' on. That said, SH also needs to start consistently rampin' down her stump speeches with respect to Smooth and turn her focus to Citizen McCain.

There are hurt feelings all over the place and I'm sure no small measure of anomosity between the Obamas and the Clintons. Word is already circulatin' that 'Chelle Obama is privately sayin' 'Hell to tha Nizzo' on Smooth pickin' Sister Hillary to be his running mate (though the Smooth Camp strenuously deny this). The conservative repub spin on that will be that now not only is 'Chelle anti-American, elite and an angry southside woman, now she's also anti-women - put money on that, y'all. None of it is true of course, but these days spin, not truth is what matters. I don't see Smooth tapping SH for VP either - I think we need a fresh, Clinton-free ticket - that we either sink or swim with. If it works - hopefully we're in for a whole new day in America. If it doesn't...

It's a eerie time right now, y'all - kinda like the eye of the hurricane. We've been blasted for months by this Category 5 nomination process but suddenly the rain has stopped, the wind is dying down and the sun is peeking through the clouds. We have a brief chance to come outside and survey the current destruction knowin' full well that we'll soon have to retreat back to our high ground bunker to weather the storm's ferocious back end. We can't quite see it, but that we know it's comin'. How nerve racking is it knowin' that the worst is yet to come?



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