Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's Hard Out There for a Candidate...

Wassup, Y'all!

Talk about a baptism by fire. Smooth Barack has taken a few hits over the past six weeks but, like the other obstacles he's faced gettin' to this moment - single parent household, part of two races but not completely accepted by either, adolescent drug use, cigarette smoking, Rev. J-Wright, losing the PA primary, dippin' in the polls - but to his credit he's still handlin' his business and should be poised to close this thing out shortly. Still, ol Ty's been wonderin' how he can stay so cool with fire swirlin' all around him and the answer seems to be a firm belief in the battle plan he and his team drafted 15 months ago that scoped out a path to the Democratic nomination. It's been the campaign's touchstone and it has allowed Smooth to remain steady and on course, despite the unexpected obstacles that have come his way...

My boy 'Tini Mack first hipped me to 'The Plan' a few months ago during a lunch time pow wow when the conversation invariably turned to the campaign. Up to that point, every time Smooth lost a primary me and my other boy Cat Daddy would have to vent and talk about how 'the man has it in for Smooth'. 'Tini told us to chill that noise and stop actin' like little girls because he had heard Smooth's right hand man, David Axelrod, talkin' about 'The Plan', which had pretty much mapped out - with eerie prescience - which states Smooth would win and which states he would lose given the demographics.

We perked up when we heard that and put away our tissues (though it's still hard to take a primary defeat even if it is mapped out in 'The Plan'...). What I also found interesting about this whole plan thing is 1) Smooth assembled an inner circle talented enough to draft and execute such a thing, and 2) he's managed to put together a campaign - despite being the 'unexperienced' candidate - that has out raised and out maneuvered the campaigns of his two more politically experienced rivals. I've mentioned in other posts that this is exactly the type of thing voters need to be focusing on - that Smooth is able to assemble and run a tight ship - rather than the other typical political distractions that opponents throw up to deflect attention away from their own weak positions.

Yes, it's been a rough patch but the ship's still on course, y'all. Like I told Cat Daddy the other day after we both almost went back to our tissues after the expected PA defeat - keep the faith, homey. News is building of a mass super delegate move toward Smooth soon. I expect that to happen after North Carolina. Smooth's newest super delegate pick-up, former DNC Chairman Joe Andrew (who flipped from Sister Hillary) put it best when answering the 'Why switch now?' question by saying, 'The simple answer is that while the timing is hard for me personally, it is best for America. We simply cannot wait any longer, nor can we let this race fall any lower and still hope to win in November. June or July may be too late. The time to act is now'

I'd have to agree - this whole notion of waiting until June, until the end of the primary cycle is played out, especially since there's really no drama left because the endgame of 'The Plan' is really no secret. Robert Creamer broke it down last week in the Huffington Post when he outlined a conservative view of how the final primaries would play out (Smooth wins North Carolina, Oregon and Montana, Sister Hillary wins Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Puerto Rico and Guam is even) When that dust settles, Smooth will only need a low percentage of super delegates to clinch the nomination. What can change this scenario to close it out earlier? The continued move of super delegates to Smooth after NC and/or a win in Indiana (which remains competitive).

The super delegates see that Sister Hillary won't go quietly into that good night despite the writing on the wall so the plan is to close and lock the door quietly behind her while she's out puttin' the final touches on her summertime gas tax holiday...



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