Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Was it Marvin, At The Club, With The Belgian Gun?

Wassup, Y'all!

Big primary day today, y'all but until the votes are in there's no use speculatin' so instead, ol Ty is focusin' on a story much more important to the people of Indiana - the growin' story out of Philly which features Indianapolis Colt's star receiver Marvin Harrison and some street thuggery that left one homey shot and one small child lucky to be alive.

There's confusion as to whether Harrison, a brother who on TV seems to be as quiet and meek as a church mouse in a league full of bombastic, clownin' wide receivers like TO and Ocho Cinco (Chad Johnson), was the trigger man in the shootin'. The investigation seems to be shapin' up into one of those Pacman Jones makin'-it-rain in the strip club deals - bullets flyin', mayhem jumpin' off and forty different stories about what happened, none featuring an eyewitness to the actual deed...or a witness willin' to sing...

The narrative of the story goes like this:

On 4/29, M-Harr got involved in a fistfight at his Philly bar, Playmakers (see the bar name is the first sign M-Harr might have an undercover ego...). A homey comes in - the two get to woofin', fists are introduced to each others faces and a homey walks out...followed by Harrision. Outside, shots are fired, a homey gets hit and an errant bullet shatters some glass that ends up cutting a 2-year old under his eye.

Police show up. M-Harr says, 'It wasn't me'. A homey says, 'I don't know who shot me'. Police collect the shell casings and run a ballistics test that shows the casings came from a custom made Belgian gun, a type of gun that M-Harr just happens to own. The police know this because it was legally registered.

Armed with the ballistics test, the police track down M-Harr at his car wash, located about a half mile from the Playmakers bar to question him about the gun. M-Harr say, 'Yes, I own one and no, it never left my crib'. However, amazingly, the gun turned up in a bucket at the car wash and tests show that it had fired seven of the bullets retrieved at the crime scene.

Dang, dude - not in the bucket! At least stash that joint behind the towel dryer or tape it inside the control box that runs those giant scubber brushes - anything but the bucket. Anyway, I should point out that no charges have been filed against M-Harr so up to this point, it may sound bad but not bad enough...yet...for the PoPo to take M-Harr on a perp walk.

I'll keep my eye on this one to see if the Colts will have a similar season to last year when M-Harr sat out most of it with a bum knee. That's my personal service to all you Fantasy Football owners. You're welcome.



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