Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ty to Mainstream Media: No More Drama

Wassup, Y'all!

The interesting thing about the democratic primary contest is that despite how well the winners of each state are so well predetermined that the press (sometimes referred to as the MainStream Media or MSM) has to spend so much time buildin' in manufactured drama to attract readers, viewers and listeners. I'll admit - it's been workin' on ol Ty - big time. I havent' been so dialed into an election since...well let's just say never and now it's got me feelin' like a crack addict huddled in a rundown tenement with my laptop tryin' to find a free Wi-Fi signal...

The winner of the democratic nomination - Smooth Barack - was pretty much decided in February, the day after Super Tuesday, yet for the last two months we've been fed a steady diet of campaign hysteria that will presumably continue for six more weeks unless Sister Hillary does the honorable thing and coalesces behind Smooth or the superdelagates do the humane thing and put her campaign down.

Waiting for last night's primary results held drama simply because the MSM needed them to, but as I mentioned in my post about 'The Plan' - the Obama campaign's blueprint to the nomination - everything continues to map out exactly as planned. Ohio? Texas? Pennsylvania? All expected losses. West Virginia, Kentucky, Puerto Rico? All expected losses. Oregon, Montana, South Dakota? All expected wins which, if forced to play out, means Smooth ends the primary season on a high note with leads in states won, total delegates and popular vote.

Over the next week we'll hear theories on 'what we need to watch for in West Virginia' that will signal new 'vulnerabilities' in Smooth's campaign. How if the margin of a Clinton victory exceeds X percent, it could have a trickle down effect and damage Smooth's prospects in Oregon and if she can pull the upset in Oregon - look out! That's a scenario that will weigh heavily on the minds of the superdelegates and... Man - STOP THE MADNESS with this nonsense! My vote is to split the remaining states TODAY and call it. A brother's got NBA playoff games to focus on!

I know, y'all. You're sayin' - 'Just chill Ty - it's the election fatigue talkin'. You may be right since I'm already circlin' May 31st on my Real Clear Politics calendar here in the basement to see what the verdict will be on seatin' Florida and Michigan delegates, but I'm told the first step to recovery is admittin' that you have a problem so I'm taking that step today.

Hi. My name is Tyrone and I'm a political junkie. I watch political news all day. I read political blogs and websites all night. I've been caught out in the street at 2 am - in my draws - lookin' for early pollin' data. I'm so ashamed. Please stop me. Please, just get to the convention.



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