Monday, July 14, 2008

Chocolate News: Ty's Missed Opportunity

Wassup, Y'all!

With the steady popularity of fake news shows - you know those satirically comical joints like John Stewart's The Daily Show and its spin-off, The Colbert Report featuring Steven Colbert - you knew that sooner or later someone would steal ol Ty's concept of doing a similar type of fake news show but from the southside perspective. You know something like The Malone Factor, South 101st or 40/40. Well, Comedy Central and David Allen Grier have beat ol Ty to it, y'all and plan to debut 'Chocolate News' this October - a show billed as 'a black, tongue-in-cheek version of “Dateline”'.

I smell a rat in the basement
. Someone has been talkin' out of school and I'll be 'interviewing' mama and my boyz in the basement later today to get to the bottom of it (Note to self: hit Home Depot for rubber hose and jumper cables and hit Rollow's barbershop for a bootleg copy of Eddie Murphy's new movie 'Meet Dave')...

So now that the news is out and ol Ty didn't even get a call to co-host let me start my early hatin'. David Allen Grier (or DAG-man to you and me - as in Dag, man! How'd you land this gig)? Okay, he was pretty funny on In Living Color back in the day but what's he done lately? And what about that whack a$$ name - Chocolate News? Sounds a touch exploitative, if you ask me. No wonder Dave Chappelle wanted to get to gone from that network! You could have gone with a smooth 'Southside Central' to play off that whole Comedy Central thing with an urban twist, but noooooo. Chocolate News. That was probably DAG-man's concept. That's weak, homey! Weak!

Okay, okay - I'll withold further snappin' until I see at least one episode. But I know I'm gonna hate it just on GP. Maybe. In the meantime, I think I hear mama walkin' around upstairs. Let me holler back at y'all a little later...



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