Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kwame and Marion both after bush...

Wassup, Y'all!

I have to admit it. When I first peeped this glossy of the honorable mayor of Detroit, Boy King Kwame Kilpatrick, I thought it was actually a glossy of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis - no lie. I was all like, 'Damn - Jam and Lewis are finally back in the mix!' Then I took a closer look and read the caption below and was all like, 'Damn. What's this fool up to now?'

As it turns out, it's really not about what the Boy King is up to now, rather it's about what he was up to when he was gettin' text freaky with his girl, former mayor Chief of Staff Christine Beatty (C-Beat). Turns out not only was Boy King gettin' text freaky behind his wife's back, he was givin' that same business to C-Beat by gettin' text freaky with other women behind her back. Dang! The list of women (not to mention the fine citizens of Motown) linin' up to whup Kwame's a$$ is gettin' longer by the minute, y'all...

But come on now! Is this new news a surprise to anybody? Boy King's been a player since way back. Add to that the ego and power trip that comes with being a big city mayor and it's a wonder this brother wasn't textin' come-ons to himself. Stuff like, 'From Kwame to Kwame: Damn Kwame, you know you one fine brother! To Kwame from Kwame: I know, right? I just can't help it. LOL!' You think Smooth Barack needs to be careful over in the Middle East? Please, just try and be Kwame strollin' down the center city Detroit these days. Word is a lot of missing bricks are just waiting for the right time to introduce themselves to the back of his head. LOL!

Now in sadder news, former Olympic sprinter Marion Jones (Mar-Jones! Who? Mar-Jones! Who?) who has been given the new first name of 'Disgraced' by the press, has reached rock bottom by abandoning any attempts at salvaging her dignity by reaching out to president Bush (G-Dub) for an end of term pardon. Man, that's low. First - do the crime, do the time. Second - a reach out to G-Dub? Mar-Jones would have more success reaching out to Clarence Thomas or Ward Connerly or Tony Soprano.

I doubt she gets a chance to feel that G-Dub love since his queue is gonna be pretty full with his own good ol boyz. And by the time Smooth's in a position to drop a pardon on her, she'll already be out. That's just bad timing, Mar-Jones - like your last few tries at the 100 meters without juice. Oh snap! Did I just type that out loud?



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