Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ty Covers The Dark Knight

Wassup, Y'all!

Summary review? Oh HELL yes.

Spinners? 3.5/4

Still recoverin' from that joint, y'all. It's all that and a bag of chips, a pack of Twizzler, two boxes of Milk Duds, a box of Junior Mints, two medium popcorns and the gallon sized Diet Coke. Meaning it was long (hence the missin' 1/2 Spinner) but the payoff was worth it. There was some SERIOUS a$$ whoopage going on or as ol Ty likes to say, some serious mischief and mayhem. Grand Theft Auto 4 ain't got a thing on The Dark Knight, y'all.

Ten point mini-review after the jump, spoiler free...

Ty fell through this joint with his boy 'Tini Mack and our Queens. Me and 'Tini are hard core comic book fans - the Queens? Not so much but they're always up for a little action but by the end of this one their doos where fried, dyed and to the side. Here's how ol Ty scored it:
  1. Heather Ledger's Joker - off-the-chain. He'd give Hannibal Lecter the creeps
  2. PG-13 rating? That was straight wrong. Grown folks were squirmin' in this one
  3. Running time? At 2:30 minutes, it's about 30 minutes too long
  4. Miss Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes? Nope. Maggie Gyllenhaal sounded just like her
  5. Morgan Freeman was a bit under-utilized in this one. Michael Caine remains a perfect Alfred
  6. The new Bat Cycle is just plain sick. I better get one for Christmas!!
  7. Didn't catch the IMAX version but it's got to be insane with all that action footage
  8. Ty STILL owes Christian Bale an apology for doubting he could play Batman.
  9. Not sure what they can do to top this one but I'm willin' to wait 3 more years to see
  10. Franchise is still intact
Extra: The upcoming James Bond flick, A Quantum of Solace, is lookin' hot too, y'all!



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