Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hang a noose, catch a bid

Wassup, Y'all!

After reporting more than a couple times about fools finding humor in hanging nooses (or in the Jena 6 case tryin' to intimidate the school's southside population) ol Ty was heartened to see this tomfoolery start to get the serious legal treatment it deserves. NS Shorty was kind enough to slip a note under Ty's door pointing him to an article in DiversityInc. that highlights moves by three state legistatures - Louisiana, Connecticut and New York - to make the act of hanging a noose punishable by jail time. That's right - hang a noose and do a bid.

DiversityInc. has been tracking the number of noose incidents nationally and notes that since last September there have been about 80. Ol Ty notes that just as many have occurred *above* the Mason-Dixon line as below and the middle of the country seems to have more sense than the east or west coasts. If you hit that last link it will take you to the article and an interactive version of that glossy that lets you see the details of each noose incident.

Hopefully this will make knuckleheads, particularly school students, think twice about knottin' a noose and proudly displaying it. The history of the noose remains nothing to joke about and it's nice to see folks starting to view hanging nooses as the hate crime it is.



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