Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New Yorker Can Kiss Ty's A$$

Wassup, Y'all!

And 'Lizabeth Hasselbeck too - more on that in a minute. The only positive aspect of that whack a$$, 'satirical' New Yorker Magazine cover is that responsible folks from both sides have recognized it for what it is - a tasteless attempt at satire. Southsiders have also recognized it for what it is - one of many lowball cheap shots that will continue to come fast and furiously as the fall campaign heats up.

Ol Ty finds it interesting that on a day where Smooth Barack stood before the NAACP and essentially brushed aside Jesse Jackson's misgivings about him 'talkin' down' to southsiders (under the extreme threat of de-nutting no less...), on a day where he pledged to continue holding us (and when I say 'us' y'all know who y'all are...) to task for being responsible, we get an extreme example of irresponsible, visual Yellow Journalism...

Believe me, y'all - as a cat who knows a little bit about satire, I get the point of the cover, but to publish that cover in this type of political environment, one already charged by racial divisions and characterized by a large segment of ill-informed voters is at best foolish and at worst reckless. Y'all know the ill-informed voters to which ol Ty is referring. Those half wits recently polled by Newsweek magazine that broke this way - '26% said Obama was raised a Muslim, 39% said he attended an Islamic school and 12% said he was sworn in to the Senate on a Quran'. Yes, those half wits who still fail to realize that none of that is true. Those would be same half wits that will somehow figure out how to put that image on bedsheets, T-shirts, tattoos and bumper-stickers. When y'all see it in the streets just be responsible and think 'Half Wit'.

But peoples, let's not get it twisted. This is not a racist cartoon. It would have been racist if they had pictured 'Chelle and Smooth sittin' in the Oval Office in black face, with oversized lips, eatin' watermelon and fried chicken and sayin' 'Dat's some goooood a$$ chicken'. That's racist, y'all. This foolishness is actually an accurate snapshot of what's inside the minds of those who cling to guns and religion - the crew that turned out to be Sister Hillary's most dependable voting bloc and the crew that the Republicans plan to pander to through the fall election by continuing to explicitly and overtly spoon feed them just this type of misinformation about Smooth and 'Chelle. It's just that simple.

The real problem with the cover is that the satire of it can only be realized by actually reading the article that it relates to, which won't be done by the vast majority of people who see that cover. Ol Ty submits that most of that aforementioned voting bloc can't even read let alone afford a luxury like a copy of The New Yorker (that statement would be an example of satire, y'all) so the point is missed. All they'll take away is that cover image, which, in their minds, confirms what they believed about Smooth and 'Chelle all along. That's not helpful.

Finally, y'all know the girls from The View had to weigh in on this (I'm only watchin' it for Whoopi and Joy y'all) and they were all feelin' just like Ty...mostly. Of course you have that Republican Kool-aid drinkin' hater 'Lizbeth Hasselbeck chirpin' in about how she agrees that the cover is in poor taste and that it missed the point. The point, according to 'Lizbeth is how Smooth is a pandering, flip-flopper (unlike Citizen McCain...) who plans to pander his way straight to the Oval Office. How 'Chelle managed to do an episode of the show with that chick and not shoot her a$$ with her AK-47 just shows you how classy she is.



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