Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Disney Proud? Mos Def'initely!

Wassup, Y'all?

Just hanging with the homeboys at Winky's pondering my next move. I noticed AJ found his way back from vacation and eased his butt back next to my girl Free on 106 & Park! Dude - stop blocking!! I was digging Free's solo act - old girl is foine (and somehow looks foiner without you blocking all the time)!...

Hey - guess what I discovered over a bowl of Saturday morning Sugar Smacks with my neice? That's right y'all. The best Saturday morning cartoon since Halle Berry's Catwoman (okay - that wasn't officially a cartoon, but you get my meaning). Don't miss an episoide of The Proud Family - that joint is too funny and it's always nice to see a well rounded African American cartoon family. The voice work is excellent and the dialogue sounds like the Dan Ryan Woods on the Fourth of July. If it's possible to jones for a cartoon character man Penny Proud's moms is banging - you know what I'm saying? Just to show you that life imitates art, check out my Shorty of the Week. It's none other than Paula Jai Parker who lends her sexy voice to Mrs. Trudy Proud (or Trudyyyyyyyyy as Pops Proud calls her). Old boy from Living Color (Let me give you my card. BAM!) Tommy Davidson is the voice of Oscar Proud and Penny is voiced by that little shorty Kyla Pratt who played the young Sanaa Lathan in Love and Basketball. Ahhhhh, somehow all roads lead back to Sanaa Lathan... Word is Kyla will be in the live action cut of Fat Albert (and the Cosby Kids) later this year.

Last week's episode featured a cameo by my boy Mos Def, who in my opinion is one of the most underrated black actors today. I just caught him again in Brown Sugar a few days ago (almost missed him cuz I was looking at Sanaa Lathan...). Old boy is good in every role I've seen him in. He was playing his role as MC of the Def Poetry Jam (or in this case Wizard Kelly's Poetry Jam - Wizard Kelly is the Proud Family's version of Magic Johnson - a basketball entrepreneur). Check it out on Saturday's y'all on ABC/Disney (no I don't own any stock, hater). You know you're just rolling out the rack at that time anyway. Check this article for all the actual factuals. And don't forget to use some COLD milk on your Sugar Smacks - kids are optional but always a good cover in case your boys bust up in the joint while you're watchin'. Gotta jet - I hear they're selling advanced tickets to Alien vs. Predator starring Sanaa Lathan...



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