Tuesday, August 24, 2004

High Blood Pressure? Try some Black Eyed Peas

Wassup Y'all!

Miss me? Old Tyrone and the Winky's crew were taking time out to plan our Republican Convention protests. Seems NYC won't be too receptive to protesters so brothers have to be creative with their civil disobedience. With all the hatin' going on with the Elephants, you'd think that slimy sewer of hate goo from Ghostbusters II was really flowing through NYC's underground. I'm still waiting for them to drop their real madness - Kerry's unamerican, he had sex with a goat! - Kerry's not fit to lead, his Irish cousin's great grandfather was a black man! You know there's another shoe just waitin, y'all...

Anyway, I open the paper today and what do I spy with my little eye? 1 out of 3 Americans has high blood pressure and it's more pronounced among black folk. Somebody had to pay for that study? Shoot, I could have written that bad boy for free. Weak stock market (worried about the future), weak job market (worried about where next week's bread and medicine is coming from), John Kerry's weak campaign to date (just plain worried about another four years of GW and the mad bombers). As far as black folk go, man we've been jittery since the emancipation proclaimation. You got James Byrd Jr. dragged behind a pick up, Amadou Diallo reaching for a wallet and getting shot 41 times, Abner Louima's NYPD beatdown, and the hits go on. With the thought that you could get got at any moment, for any bogus reason - in 2004 - will get anybody's blood pressure percolatin'. These events not recent enough? Try Tennessee Republicans putting a racist on the ticket in the 8th congressional district. Can't wait to see James L. Hart's bumper sticker (with apologies to Taco Bell): Head for the border - unless you're Mighty Whitey!

Speaking of elephunk - man, I got a major jones going on for that magma hot shorty Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Now old girl is a certified way to get your blood pressure down and your temperature up.

I caught Miss Stacey Ferguson doing her thing at the recent Good Morning America Summer Concert Series at Bryant Park...and she was doing her thing, y'all! So it goes without saying who our Shorty of the Week is this week.

Now I know I promised y'all my take on this recent story of predicting the next President by checking out the amount of royal blood in their family trees and I will...just not tonight. Tonight I plan to break out my iPod and toast this week's shorty with a bassed out thump-thumper of 'Hey Mama'.

Back in a minute, y'all!



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