Monday, August 16, 2004

Puerto Rican Smack Down

Wassup Y'all!

See? Don't eat your Wheaties this is what happens. Ooooo - Dr. Naismith has got to be break dancing in bone box over this one. (Scream) Team USA (which happens to represent the country that invented basketball) got a well deserved beat down and exposed why being able to play fundamental basketball is a lost art in the raggedy US game. Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, Shaq, KG, Kobe could have helped the cause, but come on, y'all. How fundamental is your game if you roll in from high school or one year of college ball?... No pure shooters, lackadaisical ball handling skill and all about trying to school somebody off the dribble. Yo homeys - take that yak back to Rucker Park (along with that San Juan whuppin' the Puerto Rican team laid on that a**). Shoot, why not step back and let Jenny from the block and Rosie Perez roll down the lane too? Shame, shame.

In happier news - old girl Sanaa Lathan pulled in some big weekend numbers in Alien vs. Predator. No surprise - about $32 million of the $38+ million came from my repeat business (keep it to yourself - I don't need to hear from my moms talking about another bump in the basement rent - besides y'all seen the news - GW's tax cuts have shifted the tax burden to my broke lower middle class butt. GW! Feel free to kick a brother when he's down). But I digress -- ain't nobody dropping duckets to see those two butt ugly aliens, the fellas are rolling in to peek prime shorty Sanaa. As far as I can tell she doesn't have any new flicks cued up so the pic below will have to hold you fellas for a few.

More in a minute as I'm digesting the latest on this crazy notion that US Presidential elections can be determined by the amount of royal blood that can be traced back to each candidate's ancestors. What??!

Also - where the heck it Chris Tucker hiding? Old boy needs to come back out of hiding to spare us anymore of that Shawn & Marlon Wayans nonsense. Who ever told those fools they were funny? Word on the street is old mother Tucker will be back with Rush Hour 3 next year, but what ever happened to that joint where he was going to star as the first black President? Come back, Chris!

I'm out. Think there's one last last showing tonight of AvP!



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