Monday, March 24, 2008

The Audacity of Kwame

Wassup, Y'all!

"I believe that there will be a full airing of all the facts in this case that result in my full and complete vindication." - Brother Kwame Kilpatrick, March 24, 2008 after taking his last hit off the crack pipe

Now anybody can jump on this homey's shenanigans and ol Ty will step completely out of the room. There ain't a bit of defense for this fool or his eye rollin', neck snappin' girl Christine Beatty. Go to any dictionary and look up the words 'fool' or 'hubris' and you'll find pictures of your boy Kwame either texting 'LOL' to C-Beat or sittin' in his jet black, city provided Escalade, on his way to knock boots with C-Beat, eatin' a Popeye's two piece (with the red beans and rice side) and tellin' his driver to hurry the hell up while he pumps 30 gallons of gas and charges it to the Motown taxpayers.

If you can't tell by now, y'all - ol Ty has *no* love for Boy King Kwame and apparently neither does Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy as she dropped the hammer on ol boy with indictments for perjury, obstruction of justice and official misconduct ...

Official misconduct. Boy King has been actin' a fool for the longest and now even under indictment still says 'Damn that' to resigning from office forcing' the good folks of Detroit walk around town with brown paper bags over their heads.

C-Beat did the right thing - ol girl couldn't quit and get out of Dodge fast enough. She was like that high maintenance sister chillin' in the living room with curlers in her hair when her sister's boyfriend and boyz ring the doorbell - instant evacuation. Ex New York governor Elliott Spitz? Same deal - gone in a New York minute. The doorknob is still complaining that it never even got the chance to hit him in the a$$.

Then there's Boy King Kwame who seems destined to leave office the hard way - dragged out by former members of his security detail, desperately dragging this desk down the hall, hangin' on to people's legs, hangin' on to the door before they pry his fingers loose and throw his butt down the City Hall steps like a drunk who's pawed the cocktail waitress at the Town Pump Tavern one time too many.

Boy King's sense of entitlement is simply dazzlin', y'all. Got to give him props for that. And in a way, I can see why he's hangin' on so tight. What's that fool gonna do after he gets convicted and loses his law license? Be a store model for Irv's Big and Tall? That don't keep you in Escalades and Popeye's two pieces, y'all. Maybe he could move to Vegas and be a greeter at Ceasar's Palace like Joe Louis - if it was good enough for The Brown Bomber it's sure good enough for Boy King. Then maybe sometime down the road he could run for mayor of Las Vegas - a city much more suited to his personality. LOL!



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