Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ty Nasty Alert: Lemon Wedges

Wassup, Y'all!

I heard about this one from my boy Cat Daddy about a month ago and somehow it got misfiled down here in the basement. Apparently, those lemon wedges that you get for your water, soft drinks or tea at restaurants aren't always that clean and refreshing.

Now Cat Daddy is about the cleanest brother you're ever going to meet - crib is spotless, hoopty is spotless and he washes his hands about twelve times a day (which is good - I ain't tryin' to crack!), so when he dropped this nugget 'I'm like yeah, yeah, whatever'. But then I thought about it and the reasons why those lemons aren't always clean and refreshing made some serious sense to a brother so I started puttin' mine to the side...

Then one day I'm lunchin' with Cat Daddy and my boy 'Tini Mack at Famous Dave's. Me and 'Tini order the Sweet Tea and Cat Daddy his obligatory Diet Pepsi. All three hit the table with fat lemon wedges on the rim. Me and Cat Daddy both move our lemons to the side while we watch 'Tini squeeze his lemon into his tea and drop in the rind. That's when I nudge Cat Daddy and say - 'Homey must not have heard about the study'. 'Tini asks, 'What study?' We fill him in and he commences to callin' us both Mickey Fickeys as we crack up. Ahhh, lunch with the homeys.

Anyway, use your own discretion with those bad boys when you're out and about eatin' and drinkin'. Truthfully, with all the news about bad beef and lemon wedges and people with nasty sanitary habits roamin' (and workin') in restaurants, it's a wonder ol Ty even eats out in public anymore. I finally got mama to wear a hairnet when she cooks for me so I may start to take more and more of my meals here in the basement. Then I can cut my own damn lemons for my Sweet Tea.



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