Monday, March 03, 2008

How *Not* To Do Your Kids

Wassup, Y'all!

I know this post is a bit off season, but I just caught the video on Engadget and I'm still trippin' on how cold it was. At issue is a young homey who desperately wanted an Xbox 360 for Christmas. His kinfolk thought it would be funny to get an empty Xbox 360 box, fill it up with Christmas clothes, wrap it, pawn it off as the real thing on Christmas day and video tape little homey getting first the joy then the disappointment of thinkin' he got what he wanted then, realizing that he didn't. That's some cold hearted ruckus on par with The Grinch and little Cindy Lou Who....

The video was posted by little homey's brother who claims that he actually did get an Xbox 360 that Christmas, but Engadget checked into it and it seems that he really didn't and they thought the hoax was so cold blooded that they decided to try and track homey down so that they could give him a real Xbox 360 and some games - for free. That's what I call steppin' up to help out a fellow gadget lover. Two snaps up, Engadget!

As for homeboy's jacked up kinfolk - man, I'm thinkin' Ed McMahon needs to get the Publisher's Clearinghouse Prize Patrol together for a fake drive-by...or just keep it real by hittin' 'em with some hot grits. If y'all parent's don't have the cheddar for gifts like that, then just don't set the expectation and, damn sure don't front like these fools did.

In Chicago, those busters would be henceforth and forever referred to as Mickey Fickeys. Ask my boy 'Tini Mack for a translation in the comment section if you can't figure that one out on your own!



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