Monday, March 31, 2008

Ty lookin' for a baby mama for cover cash

Wassup, Y'all!

I need to get busy and post that joint on Craig's List. Especially after reading how entertainers are now lookin' at 'baby placement' as a lucrative side business and stackin' *tall* paper behind it. J-Lo and her twins pulled in a cool $6 million and now that word has leaked that Angelina Jolie is pregnant with twins the cover biddin' has 'opened' at between $8 - $10 million. $10 million...for baby glossys. How upside down is that nonsense?? But hey - if folks are willin' to pay it, I'm willin' to do my part. I'm sure an exclusive deal for Lil Ty would fetch at least $4 million. It'll definitely be more than the weak little $2 million Usher's baby's mama, Tameka Foster is holdin' out for...from Essence...

The interesting part about Usher's girl pimpin' their baby to Essence is that according to, Essence is now owned by the same company that owns CNN, People Magazine and Hmmm...Black Voices is owned by AOL and Viacom owns BET (or is that Beelzebub?) so who owns Ebony and Jet now? Telemundo? Even Diddy is cryin' that his little rib tip got shuffled to the back of People magazine to make room for the high gloss glossys of J-Lo's little empanadas. Dang - that's gotta hurt.

Well, y'all don't have to worry about me - ol Ty is an independent operator but it's not cheap keepin' things hummin' here in the basement hence my new money makin' endeavor. Call it New Jack Blaxploitation. The sad part is that with all this cover money floatin' around, you know some B/C/D list celebrities will hook up to have kidz just to try and cash in one last time. What ever happened to posin' for Playboy or gettin' on Dancing With The Stars to revive a weak a$$ career? Y'all need to leave the kidz out of it!



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