Friday, March 21, 2008

Trinity Truth Squad

Wassup, Y'all!

In the age of the Internet, which now provides a largely unfiltered or fact checked information pipeline directly to 'the citizens', political candidates have had to resort to providing their own 'fact check' sites for people to go to check out the latest whisper campaign, character assassination or outright lies told about them by their rival candidates or their surrogates...

Sister Hillary has hers and Smooth Barack has his. What's interesting is that now because of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy and the associated character assassination of his former church, Trinity United Church of Christ now has its own fact checking site. The Truth About Trinity United Church of Christ - a new blog put together by a Trinity congregate.

I'm all for independently verifying all the information you hear so it might be good for all those who are fired up about brief Rev. J-Wright sound bites they heard to first listen to the whole sermons from which those sound bites came and then make your mind up. I'm not advocating that you take what you read on this new Trinity site as the gospel either. Spend some time getting multiple points of view then draw rational conclusions.

'Because 'Rush Limbaugh /Sean Hannity /Bill O'Reilly' said so' ain't enough, y'all.



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